Outdoor enclosure

I’m looking to mount the pan camera outside. I’ve seen a few outdoor enclosures for the pan camera, however I’m unsure just how well these enclosures protect the camera. Does anyone know of a good enclosure/mount that will protect the camera from snow and heavy rain?

I have had 3 mounted outside for several months in this cover with no problems. Well made and good cam coverage.
Aobelieve Outdoor Metal Wall Mount and Weather-Resistant Silicone Birdhouse Cover for Wyze Cam Pan Camera (Black, 1 Pack)
by Aobelieve
Learn more: Amazon.com


Is it still outside and working? I’m tired of waiting for WCO.

No problems yet. Have several in varying locations and they work fine.

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Awesome I’m really thinking hard on doing this. Waiting on WCO is taking forever and that worries me. If these can do the job and cheaper why not?