What Third-party Outdoor Enclosures are you Using for Cam and Cam Pan?

I’ve got a handful of V2, V3 and Pan v2’s and I’d like to put some outside in areas where they won’t be facing the elements directly like under the eaves.

I saw a really great video on YouTube that dates back to 2019 where the guy had a clear cover for the Pan but it’s off the market now. I’ve seen other options but am curious to hear from the community.

I am specifically interested in enclosures for the Pan v2 (which I believe has the same dimensions as the original) but I’m curious about Cam V2 and Cam V3 enclosures as well

Many thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

I’ve used a glass cover from Hobby Lobby #1289420 which works fine. It has a rubber seal on the wood base and didn’t need to modify using the flat Wyze cable.
When panning cam while inside this enclosure, the motor noise is very high. Another consideration is heat in direct sunlight, haven’t had a problem myself.


Very cool idea!

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Went to many stores (w/cam) searching for a very thin and uniform glass enclosure that doesn’t distort the image.
Of course, can not use with the cam’s IR lights.


Oh very cool find indeed! If you mounted this, can you shed light on that process? Yes, bummer on the lack of IR, that’s kind of a deal breaker, well almost, for my application. Still this is excellent! Thank you for sharing.


Hi @JuliusPIV was thinking to use coat hanger wire glued to base and connect on top w/a hook. In the end it was a lot moroe fun to mount on ground at small critter height. Can always use on a trash can or picnic table.
As for the IR lights, there are many available on Amazon. The 850nm provide the best illumination. In my area there are street lights and neighbor’s yard lights so don’t really need additional lighting

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This is what I have a V2 mounted in. It is exposed to weather and has been for almost three years. Camera still doing fine.


Have had these on Pans for two years without issues.


Oh that’s definitely a very nice enclosure for the Pan! I’ll definitely be looking at this for sure. Thank you for sharing!

That’s brilliant thank you for sharing this, much appreciated!

Has anyone used anything from WASSERSTEIN? I am tempted to get their floodlight solution for the V2/V3.

I’ve been using a few cameras for a couple of years under eaves with zero/no covers at all and are still working fine.
I did use a small wooden birdhouse for one of my cameras. I enlarged the bird hole slightly so the ir lights wouldn’t be blocked. That camera also is working flawlessly.


I read a review that the white version of this product is not good for night vision due to a reflection. Is that accurate and would the black version be better for that reason?

I read a review that the white version of this product is not good for night vision due to a reflection. Is that accurate and would the black version be better for that reason?

White or black…if you’re talking about the cameras, they are the same internals. No difference.
There are different versions. V2 vs. V3 is a big difference. Go with the 3. You won’t be disappointed

No, I am talking about the housing (cover) from Amazon.

I looked at these but they do not cover the lens. Is the lens sealed good enough to prevent moisture from seeping into the camera case? Thanks for your suggestion on these btw.

There should be no difference between the covers as far as reflection - there is no part of the cover that the night vision would reflect off of. I have both colors as well as one painted brown and have never noticed any difference.
Interesting thought though -I might go back and do a specific test.

I’m also interested in covers for my Pans which won’t be mounted under eaves. I bought a couple of enclosures recommended elsewhere on the forum. They have wide slits across the back for cooling, and I expect they would let water in as well. I won’t be using these without modification.
Louvers might help, I’ll probably cover with a plastic soda bottle.