Anyone tried a security camera dome for outdoor mounting?

I’ve read through all the posts regarding outdoor mounting. Not a fan of the bird house plus it doesn’t seem truly weatherproof. Has anyone tried a generic “bubble” type cam cover? I should be able to access an eave mount fairly easily and route the cord into the attic for power so that’s not an issue for me. If anyone’s used a bubble, did you use clear or smoked and did one or either work/not work with IR and night vision?


I’m going to assume that since it’s behind glass (or plastic) you will experience the same issue as others are when using this against a window if you use night vision.

I bought a dome for next to nothing from AliExpress following a suggestion from this community (thanks to that poster!)…as mentioned above, had to turn off the IR. I am planning on switching my Hue lights in their outside fittings to IR Lifx ones to solve the problem.

I got some old aluminum security domes, not the plexi domes. These are the round ball with the secure mounting ring. Really designed to be vandal resistant.
I took out the old guts and lenses, then with a mill cut out the inside so the v3 would fit inside. 3D printed a support frame and filler panel for the front, the v3 fit corner to corner just inside the old lens area of the dome. Secured the back, the whole dome screws together. Sealed the wire, and mounted it to a wall.
It looks good, and if very secure.
Wish I could find more of those domes.