What's the best cheap outdoor V2 enclosure as of 12/8/19?

Like the title says.
Although I REALLY like my Wyze Owl
I’m preparing to deploy 5 or so V2 cams in Mississippi outside windows at second story level.

There are SO MANY choices on Amazon, and constantly changing.
I just want to protect from rain & wind. I’ll probably be primarily hanging them on white vinyl siding using vinyl siding clips and running power from nearby windows.

Note - black was used for illustration only :slight_smile:
So I’ll want something that protects the back and power cable entry.
/edit -
Also a bonus would be a covered outlet that would let me run a “pairing” cable to another cam. Or a fixture designed to hold 2 V2’s , angled like floodlights are typically angled.

I’ve used this with zero issues for about 2years


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I just ordered one of these in black. It should be here today.

I may eventually get one of the owls when I have more time.

I agree with @proasian3- Ive used the same case and it works well and is very flexible in mounting.

Case seems to work well. I am concerned about breaking the plastic when I tighten the nut down. But then there’s always duct tape and bailing wire.

Just “survived” it’s first “snowfall” about 12 hours after installation.

/edit - Another good feature I can unfold the legs and it’s very easy to remove the camera