I've been using my cams outside for a year now

Okay guys and gals, my thoughts on using the V2 for outside. I have 8 V2 cams, 5 of which are outside and have been for the last year. The temperature here ranges from about 10 degrees in the coldest part of winter to about 100 degrees in the warmest part of summer. I have the 5 cams mounted under the eves about 4 inches behind the facia board. This has protected them from rain and snow just fine. The only problem I seem to have is in the cold winter months, since the cams produce some heat small birds like to sleep on them at night. As far as the cams working outside, I have no issues.

To power the cams I ran wire from my garage into the crawlspace above and out behind the eves. I ran the wire to the backside of the facia board and installed outside weather rated outlet boxes with 2 outlets wherever I wanted a camera at. I have a total of 4 double outlet boxes installed. I just plug in the cams adapter to the outlet, neatly tuck up the wires and from the street all you cam see is the cam itself.

So IMO if you put them where they’re sheltered from water, you shouldn’t have any issues. My only complaint is about the updates that sometimes cause issues and bugs. The cams themselves seem fine.


:bird: :egg: v2_b = :baby: v2_b ?

Hey vegas, I live in a temperate climate and had one V2 clinging (magnet) to the side of a small window AC unit for like 8 months. Four feet under the highest point of an eave, it got damp, but never drenched, worked just as well as the one sitting inside on a window sill, aimed out.

A couple of times I had to do this:

The running AC cabinet vibration didn’t faze it either, pretty hearty little creature. :slight_smile: