Temperature range for v3

If the cameras outside and the temperature goes below -4° will it just stop working until the temperature goes above -4° or will it be completely dead and never work again?

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I have had V2 and Pan cameras outside at -20° for the past 2 winters. They have never stopped working and still work fine.
I wouldn’t worry about the -4° limitation.


Thanks! Good to know.

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Mine do well out in my shed which gets up to 110 in the summer and I’m sure they have been below zero a couple times as well. I don’t think cold is a issue because they create quiet a bit of heat just being turned on. I notice this on my cams in the house I can feel a warmth to them. Now the heat I do worry about so put a window fan aimed right towards them on hot sunny days in my shed.
Guess I should mention I don’t have a v3 yet but the v2 and pans handle it.