Feedback- cold temp performance for V3 and outdoor cam

Just some user feedback. This weekend at our cabin where i have one V3 outdoor, and two outdoor cameras it was -26f in the morning. Yikes. I pulled Up the app and all 3 cameras were working fine to stream video! I think This is below the rated min temperature and i was worried at that place how cold temp would impact the cameras but this first stress test they passed with flying colors!


Good info, thanks. There were some previous early reports that it wasn’t matching the V2’s cold weather performance. Nice to hear.

I have two V3’s outside in Indiana… It got down to 6 I believe… All good.


We haven’t been that cold this winter, but my V3’s have been fine so far in single digits, rain, and a 2 foot snowstorm. Same as my V2’s that they replaced were.


V3 is running great this past week in the low teens, but sadly the outdoor cam has failed. Live stream is good to go, but recording or notifications stopped all together. Outdoot cam is good for other climate, but for IL weather not so much. Sad.