Kudos to Wyze and Cold Weather

I spread the word to my friends about these cameras and they have been super pleased with its performance, especially in very cold weather. I have four V2’s mounted outside with the temps in mid -40’s C (-40F) and all working flawlessly. We reached wind chills this morning of -51 C (-59 F) in and all cameras are working. This cold snap is expected for a good week, so time will tell how they work in constant cold weather. Not sure if the V3 batteries would survive long. does anyone have the answer? A bit frosty here in Regina Saskatchewan Canada. Wished you shipped to Canada.

Bob W

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I saw -40 and thought Winnipeg. :slight_smile:

The V3 doesn’t have a battery. You’re thinking of the Outdoor Cam.
Cold shortens the life of any battery but not sure how much it would really effect the Outdoor Cam.

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Correct Angus.Black it is the outdoor camera with batteries. Thanks for clarifying.

Fun fact learned for those paying attention…-40 degrees is where the F and C scales meet. :slight_smile: