Camera stops working in cold weather

My outdoor camera wireless, stopped sending signals when the temperature reached-20 C. Well protected under eve. Brought into house started working agin in about 15 minutes. Looks like it froze up? Is this common?

From the Google:

From past studies, scientists knew that most lithium-ion batteries start flatlining at about minus 4°F . Below this point, they don’t hold as much charge, and they aren’t as good as transferring it—meaning that it’s harder to use them for power. And the colder they go, the worse they perform.

-4° F is -20° C which appears to be the magic number

:cold_face: And I think it’s cold at my place :cold_face:

V3 on the driveway tree

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Well personally, I think that’s pretty useless. They need to advertise that magic number. Or only works south of the Mason-Dickson line. I’m in Manitoba Canada it’s currently-32 today.




Guess I missed the fine print. Good thing I didn’t pay much for it. Guess it’s time to find something that will work in the REAL world. Thanks

Even high-end commercial cameras such as WTI Sidewinder has a operating range of -34 to +74 C°
The WTI Sidewinder is around $3500

EUFY Cams -20 to +50 C°

Nest Cams -20 to +40:C°

Some high-end Sony Cams are -40 to +60 C°

Good luck with your search for a Security Camera :cold_face:


Guess my only option is to wrap a pipe heater on it

I run V3’s Wyze Cams outside which I ran low voltage lighting wire to each location then regulate the voltage down from 12v to 5 volts.

If my area got as cold :cold_face: as your area I would add a 12 volt small light bulb off the 12 volt side as a heater.
Put bulb in metal tube to block light and attach to camera with some form of insulation. Maybe even have a temperature switch inline so bulb is off in warmer times.

Glad my location is not as cold as yours is :cold_face:

On the high-end CCTV systems that are in extreme conditions they have heated housings for the cameras, but that route is not on the cheap _$$$ $$ plus a camera

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Winter has arrived here, another winter of V3 cams in the environment.

The cameras generate some heat. Try and wrap the camera in insulation to trap that heat. Something like this or similar:

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Going to try this device, seller says can be run continuously.

If you’re going to run power to the camera you might as well upgrade to a V3 instead of the Wyze Cam Outdoor.

Far more benefits in having a V3

I have a V3, what’s the advantages?

At first glance I thought these were Santa garden gnomes


V3 Advantages over the WCO

Never need to charge a battery.

Better Night Vision

Can live stream continuously, WCO will run down battery quickly if live streaming.

The cones mark a small sink hole that will eventually be filled with rock.

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Good idea thank

Built in defroster… 24/7 self-generating heat.

They are little heaters for sure.

Especially when live streaming, nice hand warmers :slight_smile: