Wyze outdoor cam in MN sub zero weather

Camera stops working completely at night. Temp overnight is zero or below. Charge inside and battery is at 99% when I put it back outside. In the morning cam is offline completely. Bring it in and warm it up - battery is at 98% so cam is freezing overnight. Is this unit going to be useless in a MN winter? I have a Wyze floodlight cam in the front and it has no issues at all with the weather. I also have a mailbox alert (not Wyze) across the street that sits out 24/7 with a lithium battery that has no problems either. Is this caused by a Wyze battery issue or is this going to be SOP?

Did you try to power cycle the base/hub and the camera

many times

Wyze has reported that the operating Temperature is as follows:

What did the temp drop down to?


Copy that so when you bring up the base there’s no signal barrs showed for that unit

-1 last night but -15 Friday nite. Unit froze both nights and probably before that as well. Wasn’t around most of the week to check.

Don’t know if I even looked at the base. That seemed to work just fine and is working right now.

the -15 is outside of the reported range, but please open a ticket and create a log from the Camera so that Wyze can look into this to verify the operation. If you don’t mind, please post the ticket and Log number here as well.

Have submitted 3 logs in the last 2 days. 429891, 429780 and 429891 No responses as yet, but it is the weekend.

Oops - forgot the ticket #1719175

Just for the record, I’ve been running three WOCs for two winters in Central Alberta (Canada). The cameras are mounted outside on metal posts fully exposed to the elements. This year, we’ve been experiencing an extended cold snap, with temperatures hovering between minus 25 and minus 35 C (plus wind chill) since Xmas. No problems with the cameras at all. Of course, it’s a dry cold :slightly_smiling_face:…I occasionally see snow or frost on the lenses, but it usually clears in a few hours.

If I have to bring the cameras in to charge them, I seal them in freezer bags outside before bringing them in and let them fully warm up before unsealing them and attaching the charger. This prevents condensation in the electronics. Always make certain that the silicone access ports for the SD card and charge cord are fully sealed before returning the camera outside.

Frankly, I’m amazed at how well these cameras stand up to the cold…well below the rated limit of minus 20C

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So how cold is that in degrees

Minus 35 C is Minus 31* F

|(-35 °C × 9/5) + 32 = -31 °F|

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I wish mine could handle that - it got to -20F Friday night. Floodlight cam had no problems but WOC froze that night as well as last night at -1F. I think I have a camera issue.


Lithium polymer batteries don’t like being frozen.

brand new Wyze outdoor (WIRED) floodlight fails in cold temperatures. We got to -10F Monday night and in the morning it was offline. I power cycled the unit (a hassle), It came online. It stayed at about -5F most of the day. Overnight it got to -10F again. The system was recording events this AM when some snow was shoveled, yet 20 min later the unit was OFFLINE again. It didn’t record the most important event of my day - the morning school bus pickup. Between the lights being on and off all night in a snow storm and it needing to be rebooted in the cold or whenever the weak internet seems to be weaker, this unit isn’t worth a dime. I may yet return to Home Depot. They have a flexible return policy. Completely not ready for prime time in “extreme” conditions like cold or “winter”…

I had the same issue with my Wyze cam outdoor. Unit was still under warranty so got a replacement from Wyze which solved the problem.

My floodlight cam has had no issues with the cold weather at least down to about -20F and hasn’t glitched once. My guess is you need to have yours replaced under warranty.

Just sayin,

We have 8 battery out door cams going on 2 years 1 set on Colorado, 1 set in Montana and have worked with no issues at all,Colorado was @ -22 one nite