Camera working at zero degrees

I want to use the camera outside where our temperature goes to 0 degrees. Has anyone had experience with the camera working at that temperature

I’ve had two of mine out in -15 F.

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Thanks. We are near St Louis, MO and don’t get continued temps below 20 degree. These cameras are very good, easy to use and provide many capabilities. Want to set my total security using these. Hope WYZE offers an outside camera soon.

So far in a post similar to your question.

The lowest temp a Wyse Cam has operated in was -22°F in MN.

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We hit -21c (-6f) today, still working great


Thanks for the info. Do you have a V1 or V2? Also is your camera mounted in the Wyze enclosure?


V2 I believe… no enclosure…just like that…with the mount.

I have 3 of my 7 Wyze cam’s mounted outside. One is over the garage in a plastic box I bought off of Amazon for the Wyze cam to fit into, one is overlooking the back deck mounted near the back light (this one has been working outside for almost a year now) and my 3rd one is mounted to the lower back side of my house keeping an eye on my birding area. They have all made it through rain, snow, cold & hot temperatures (I live in SE Kansas). As soon as Wyze comes out with some outdoor cameras I am replacing them.

Thanks for the info. I will be mounting mine outside.