WYZE CAMv2's (Offline) Temperature Question

I have 7 WYZE CAM v2’s. One was a spare. All have been working fine until I decided to mount one in the garage so I could monitor if the Garage door is open or not. I found the one in the garage would go offline and come back on line. My wifi Signal is very strong in the garage and throughout my house using the ASUS AiMesh solution and 3 access points.

I was wondering if the camera’s were reacting to the colder temperature in the garage (maybe 34 degrees F). I swapped the camera with my spare and am noticing the spare has the same issue.

I guess my next step is to try them in place of others around the house that are working to see if they work in a known good area.

Any thoughts?

My outdoor Cam has been running perfectly in temperatures down to just below zero. It gets down to the teens or at least the 20’s most nights here in the winter and the cameras have been going strong for well over a year.

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Do you use the twos or pans

Both, but my outdoor camera is currently a V2. I had a pan outside for about a year, but recently switched it to a V2 because I wanted the use that Pan for something else inside. The pan I had outside all that time is still going strong, it’s just inside now.
My total Wyze cams at the moment are four, two of each, but only one outdoors.

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I have 2 V2’s in cold areas, one in an unheated garage, average Michigan temp for in there is about 30 degrees currently ( is been fairly warm for us this year) and one outside in a home made case. no issues from either camera at all.

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ok, so temperature is not the issue. One of these two is not allowing me to upgrade the firmare. Have rebooted, and tried several times. Maybe that one is a dud? The other allowed me to update its firmware so I will try that one in the garage again and see if it stays up.

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I reset the camera that allowed me to update the firmware and placed it in the garage. Shows WiFi signal at 92%. Hopefully it wont drop