Wyze V3 operating temperature

I live in Toronto. Yes, we do get below -20C and this is outside of the operating temperature for the camera. What happens at -20? could it break the cam or does it just stop working?

Its a manufacturer specification so the camera may not work below -20C. When there is power on the camera, it does generate some heat so the internal temperature will be somewhat higher. Temperature would be more of a factor with the outdoor camera (WOC) due to battery chemistry.

Exceeding the high temperature by placing the camera in direct sunlight could cause permanent failure.

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The operating temperature spec for the V3 is -5°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C). So it will work at your -20C.

Likelihood is it will exceed that range by a bit.

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I am more worried about damage due to cold, yes it is possible.
I guess I will have to wait an see : - )

it’s just a $43 camera. if it breaks just replace it with something more expensive that could withstand temps of -40C or less. i’m just as curious to see what happens to it when we reach -35C in yyc.

Has been fine in the cold before but after it got down to -15°F the V3 stopped working. Turned on just fine after I brought it inside to warm up.

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