Beware of the operating temperature on V3

I am not sure why Wyze keep using more and more V3 cameras, I do believe it’s great for indoor. I used 3 of them in my work-shop(2) and garage(1), in the summer here in Tx (and many other southern states) temperatures would get 100F, inside unconditioned garage (standard build in US), temperature can get even higher (anyone noted the heat blasts every time get into the garage?), and last with the camera mostly mounted higher up in even hotter conditions. So in short none of my V3 work in my garage or work-shop work…… well…. to be clear it will always drop off-line when the temperature getting hot in the afternoon to evening…. And that’s repeated everyday in the summer, I spend many hours troubleshooting, researching, restarting, resetting, remove and reinstalling those devices. In the end it’s all clear when I pay close attention to their operating temperature of the V3 CAM (really at 113F?, I never had any camera stop working when the sun come up LOL), I then changed all those V3 to OG cam and never had problems again. And now the new Smart garage opener using V3 cam? Come on guys…… you maybe shooting your self in the foot here.

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I have 2 V3 cams in my attic where it regularly gets below freezing in the winter and well into the low 100’s in the summer. Both have been chugging along year after year. Never had a single problem with them. I have another inside a window with a blind behind it. That one gets direct sun half the day and gets nice and toasty. Still no issues.

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Yes, you should definitely watch the operating temperature of any electronics. If you live in a southern state, you may have to be more aware than most.

The V3 is capable of 113°F as you say, but can usually go higher. Even in northern Indiana I found a camera behind an untreated single-pane garage window can go as high as 170 degrees in direct sunlight. You may not have that particular issue, but things like height in a 100-degree garage may also tip the scales, especially in Texas. I am glad your OGs are working better, but they are newer and rated for 131°F.

Interestingly, my particular V3 worked to 145°F before it failed. In my case all I needed to do was reduce the temp it was in to get it to start working again. I got it out of that direct sunlight and moved it to the top of the window where it was more shaded. Been good ever since.

V3s control garage doors because it is the only camera in the lineup that can control other devices. It and the garage door opener were both released before the OG. The OG was a cost-cutting model that couldn’t afford to have controller electronics nor coding for that in it. Both cost money on an ongoing basis, and most people still come to Wyze for affordability, especially with the OG. So the V3 is still the workhorse there.

If you are interested in measuring the temperature at your position, I’d recommend the sensor in this link (this is what I used), not the more affordable Wyze sensor that is capable of a lower maximum temp:

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Have not had a V3 in exceeding heat, but I had a V2 in my attic (watching a rat trap) when we had a heat wave. Outside temps his 117 F and the attic had a measured 151 F when the camera or power supply failed. Brought them back into the house and both worked after cooling down.

I am really surprised to see just only my three V3 camera are sensitive to heat, slabslayer what is your location if you don’t mind I am asking? To be fair the temperature my V3 were in was well over 113F, those cameras was functional well initially, maybe the repeated high temperature exposure cause it to be more sensitive? Do you guys still have those V3 cameras in the attic now still?

I still have my two V3 Cams in the attic and one in the window. Central North Carolina.

Holy wall of text batman! I already had a headache by the time I was able to understand the context of the message. Plz use some paragraph breaks!

Anyway, I’m glad i stumbled on this post. I’m fixing to throw 2 OGs in the attic. In the past, I’ve had V2s quit wyrkin’ on me during the Texas heat.

I just saw this… (pertaining to the OG)
temp OG