V3 camera temp rating?

I live in Canada and the temperature can get to - 40deg. Did they do any testing or rating to cold Temps? My Nest doorbell camera works buts they built in a heating element, curious if wyze did the same. Thank you.

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Welcome Funion327. The specs on the Wyze v3 product webpage state, “-5°F - 113°F (-20°C - 45°C)”. I’d image that the v3 will be slightly warm to the touch a la v2 cam. Meaning it should do well below the stated minimum, although Wyze will not recommend or support such use.


You might want to flip the night vision LEDs on full time for added current draw… But I don’t think that’s currently an option without engaging night vision mode?

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Yeah, at least in my app version you can’t leave them on.