Safe temperature for WYZE v3?

I live in an area that gets -40 F some nights in the winter. I realize my WYZE v3 cameras might not work at this temperature. Will they get ruined if I leave them outside in the winter?

I don’t remember what the official spec is, but people have reported using them in weather that cold.

Wow, that’s cold! Just to be sure, is that -40 windchill or actual temp? -40 windchill would only apply to warm-bodied creatures, and would only be the ability to remove heat until the body got to the ‘actual’ temp.

I live in northern Indiana, and we might get into the minus teens each year for a few days. The V3 is rated for -5°F to +113°F, but I’ve never had trouble with it or V2s when it gets cold here (the camera does generate a little self-heat). Of course, -40 is a whole 'nuther thing, so maybe someone else will chime in with specific experience there.

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I’ve had them out at -10 with no issues and my v2 cams have seen -25 with no issues.