Cam Pan V3 - doesn't like cold weather?

Good afternoon, have a Cam Pan V3 set up, as does my neighbor down the road. It was working fine yesterday evening, it went down to -26 celcius last night and now it won’t connect. My neighbor has the exact same issue at exactly same time - living in mid province of BC and cameras (both) are under an overhang with no snow on them. I unplugged mine for the 30 seconds as recommended, but it will not connect.

Is there an issue using these in cold weather?

Are you using an Outdoor Power Adapter?

Without looking, I believe that is well below the rated spec. Warm it up and see if it starts working again.

Totally correct:

Hello, thanks for responding so quickly. Looks like colder than the recommend operating temp, good to know as I wasn’t aware. I have brought it in and will warm it up and see if I can re-connect.

No I do not have the outdoor power adapter, the camera is mounted under an overhang protected from the elements and power receptacle is in a soffit next to it.

I’ve also a Wyze Cam V2 mounted under the overhang outside and it seems fine with original power cord.

I’ll try it in the morning, thanks for your help.

Mine is not working either. Sitting at 8 F. This camera is junk.

What is the operating temperature of WYZE Cam Pan V3?

-5°F to 113°F

Exceeding the high temperature by placing the camera in direct sunlight could cause permanent failure. The operating temperature spec for the V3 is -5°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C). So it will work at your -20C. Likelihood is it will exceed that range by a bit.Apr 20, 2021

So it’s disappointing that at -25 it’s useless.
Tonight -27, last year we hit -40C.
Time to look for a new camera that’s winter friendly.

Finding a camera that can handle > -40° C will not be cheap that’s for sure, Good Luck…

Even professional cameras that handle that low of temperature have heaters :cold_face:

WTI Sidewinders can handle only to -34°C and that camera costs over $3k :money_mouth_face::moneybag:

WTI Sidewinder camera with 32x optical zoom

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Looks like making cameras cold proof might be expensive. Are you able to mount any cameras inside? I have had acceptable results with regular v3 cameras aimed through double pane windows. See the sample pictures on this link.

Thanks for the responses, yes I think finding a camera to operate at those temps will be expensive, interesting enough my old Cam V2 (photo) is running along like a champ, -36 currently.

I bought the Cam Pan V3 to try and improve the night time video quality, which is 200% better but if it won’t work in all temperatures, then it’s a non win.

Appreciate the link regarding shooting through a window and the resolve in the thread, I’m going to try that today. I’ve tried in the main house previously with double pane wood windows and took it down due to glare.

Thanks for your collaboration, regards

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If you don’t have a regular v3, check out the night vision comparison between a v2 and v3 on the middle of this link.

Check out “heat strip for camera” as a search in Amazon or elsewhere.

A camera lens heat strip might do the trick :fire:
Some are even USB powered

Probably won’t work out on the Pan Cam because it moves, but a V3, V2, etc. should work… Or don’t move Pan Cam if heat strip is attached

Edit: It should be on it’s own power supply or you might really heat things up in a wrong way :rofl:

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Cool find! :+1: Although I wouldn’t plug that into the USB port on the back of a Cam v2.

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Yes, it should be on it’s own power supply or you might really heat things up in a wrong way :rofl:

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It’s minus 33 in Calgary right now (it has warmed up a couple of degrees since this morning) and my Cam Pan V3 is working perfectly.

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Sounds like you got one that exceeded range expectations. I’ve got mine running inside now but looking through glass isn’t ideal.

-5°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C) . So it will work at your -20C. Likelihood is it will exceed that range by a bit.

If you are using a Pan Cam inside a window, you might have better luck reducing reflection with a stationary camera that can use a Wyze window mount.

I’ve got an outdoor Cam V3. It’s been mighty cold here with one day low of -33.4C (-28F) with a few days lows in mid -20’sC. Cam works perfectly.
I do have the outdoor adapter which is in garage. The garage averages 12C warmer than outside temp.
Hope u solve problem.

Lithium Ion batteries have a temperature range too, which could affect some of the battery operated models of Wyze cams (not the OP’s cam).