outside camera please??

You guys just absolutely must make a outside version for those of us who can’t get wired ones. This camera is perfect?

It’s a request that we get a lot! We’ll definitely consider this!

The current model is not affected by temperatures as low as -20 for months at a time. Just keep it dry and you’ll be fine. I have chicken ? coup and garage use experience proving this.

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I’ve got three outside in covered areas. Had quite a wide range of weather conditions since launch and no issues. If there is down the road I’ll just buy another camera given the pricing. That said one that could stand up better outside would still be nice; esp as not everyone has protected spaces to use them.

we’d totally love to see some chicken timelapse! ?

totally agree. yes we have had reports from some of our users that they are using it in sheltered situations. in the long term we do see the demand for an outdoor camera and very likely will be part of our future product roadmap! :sunny:?:snowflake:

Absolutely, I want an outdoor version, or a case for outdoor use for the normal model…along with some way to keep it plugged in such as longer cords.

My first application is having the WyzeCam stare out the window at my weekend home, such that I can see what the snow conditions are; a weather report isn’t as useful as seeing the level of snow in the road and driveway or to see if the driveway and or roads have been plowed.

Imagine my surprise when the camera was in night mode, looking through standard double pane window glass. It’s the same as placing it looking at a mirror. So as long as the camera isn’t in night mode, it’s OK…but then I have to have daylight in order to see.

well noted! yes the demand for an outdoor version of the camera has been great!

please make it where it can run off of battery but also has the option to plug in for something like continuous recording. thanks.

Longer cords are easy… check Monoprice. I got some 15 footers

The simple feature that would resolve most window reflection problems would be to add an on/off switch in the WyzeCam app to allow shutting off the infrared LED lights without disabling night vision capability (IR cut filter). In most cases there is enough outside lighting to provide adequate lighting as long as the camera can enter night mode (black & white images). For example, it’s very easy to buy a $10 motion sensing light bulb that can provide exterior lighting in many situations. With the current firmware and app the only way to disable the IR lights also disables night vision at the same time. That makes the camera MUCH LESS sensitive at night, providing disappointing night vision results. Please, please, please provide a switch in the app that would allow users to control their IR lights independent of the night vision capability (IR cut filter). You will instantly create many happy customers who would like to place their cameras in a window without experiencing massive IR light glare! Thanks in advance for your consideration of this much-needed feature.

This is my attempt at making the camera outdoor safe from the elements. So far so good in the rain, we will see how it holds up. Still cannot leave the night vision on as the IR reflection is too bad but with the regular light over the back door it is fine to keep night vision off. I rubbed a little RainX into the front with a microfiber cloth and the rain drops never stick.

will do! that makes a lot of sense. passing this on to our dev team!

that’s a dope setup! we’ll try and see whether we can have the option of switch off the IR LEDs. if that’s possible then it would solve the reflection problem. thanks for sharing!

There already is an option to turn nightvision off which disables the cameras IR lights, however, what I’ve noted is that when nightvision is turned off, the camera cannot see any IR lighting at all even from exterior sources. I bought an exterior IR Illuminator in the hope using it to avoid the relflection from glass or plastic but the camera can’t see the exterior IR lighting when nightvision is off. When nightvision on the camera is turned on it sees the additional IR lighting just fine. The key would be to have the camera switch to its nightvision mode but not turn on it’s tiny IR lights so we can use an outside/exterior IR source when the camera is behind glass or plastic. The below photos are of a wyzecam just using its own IR lighting and then adding and additional IR light I bought. Works great. Neither of these screenshots were taken with the wyzecam behind glass or plastic, the camera was just sitting on a table.

Any suggestions on where to purchase external IR supplemental lights?

I got mine through Amazon. Do a search for IR Illuminator. They have several with great reviews. I got the Univivi brand with the 850nm IR spectrum and the Wyze camera sees the light just fine.

Thanks I’ll che k it out !

… please vote on my poll https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/multi-cam-live-view/

Great idea! I could use this, too!

yes over at reddit we’ve also seen some users use external IR lights to keep an eye on a larger area at night. our devs are already aware of this request. thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: