outside camera please??

I have one mounted outside the front door, underneath an overhang. So far, no issues!

YES…PLEASE provide update to turn off the IR LEDs while leaving the nightvision on. I just received my second camera and setup to overlook my driveway from an interior window. I need to set up inside for power supply purposes. Daylight works great. At night in nightvision mode with slight angle of camera in relation to window glass…the IR LEDs reflect and blind the camera. I believe i have enough light outside with spotlights that have motion sensors already. I think if we could use the nightvision without the IR LEDs I would have better results. Hopefully, this is simply programming option that can be pushed via update.

Does the camera fit snug in that Pelican case? How far is the outlet to plug the camera in?

How far is the outlet from your camera?

I’m in the middle of winter. Have been working in temps as low as -20 F without issues.

The camera fits fairly snug but has enough room the cord is ok. I bought a 25 ft cord from cable off Amazon and it works just fine. I’ve had good luck with extension cords too. The cold temps don’t seem to kill these things but water/moisture certainly will.

What about a silicone cover that could slip over the cam?

saw a post on Reddit about a user wanting to try using a balloon. not sure how well it’ll work but it just might!