Outdoor Camera Plans?

Are there any plans for coming out with an outdoor / weatherproof version?


yes, it is being consider.

Can you help describe what is your use scenario ? where do you plan to put it ? is it only waterproof or do you need built in battery ? how far will it be from router ? do you need it to constantly monitor something, or only triggered by motion ?


One desire I have would be to mount on the outside of a window, with an inductive power supply on the inside to power it through the glass.



Biggest feature request for me is cold weather performance. I would like my camera to operate in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Internal battery would be nice but not as important.


What about making an outdoor enclosure to the current camera.


I am currently using Arlo Pro 2 for my garage camera because it is exposed to weather elements. I would like to see a weather resistant (rain, snow, freezing temperatures) version of this camera ideally running on rechargeable batteries.

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I would be looking to put it outside my garage door, about 100 ft from the router. I would need weather proof, wifi, night vision, battery (nice but not required), continuous recording, motion detection, microsd car, ONVIF. I would even be happy with a weatherproof enclosure for the current Wyzecam.


LOVE the inductive power supply on the inside of window idea!!


I’m also needing an outdoor version. It would be nice to have the ability to use a battery, or choose to use the cord. Needs: weatherproof, motion, continuous record, night vision. An outdoor case to the current version would be great.

Is it possible to use the current version outdoors if it’s under a covered porch?

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I have a camera on our screened porch, mostly out of the weather but not entirely. I have it plugged into an outside electrical outlet. The temperature outside has been down to 25 below zero, and it’s working perfectly.

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Power is the tricky part. The inductive idea is very cool.

But I’d love to see it’s just as simple and cheap as the current camera but waterproof and able to handle at least 0° F.

I’d love to see a waterproof enclosure in the meantime. But pointing the camera down from an elevated position means the ports are pointing up, perfect for water to get in.


Power over Ethernet is what I would want in an outdoor camera.


Mine just went through A night of 19゚ Last night

+1 for Power over Ethernet (POE) capability.


Outdoor that can survive Phoenix 120 days. Battery window induction. Motion sensing. How about a Ring type door bell powered cam! AND solar charging. Should be ok on wifi.


Thats my wish list


+1 for an outdoor version. I really look forward to that. Battery pack is something I could also use but a plug in version is fine. Just need it ready for the elements :slight_smile:

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I could use one with that plugs in or has batteries. I installed outlets on the underside of my eves so I could use one like current camera but with outdoor capabilities…or an enclosure for the current one.

Here’s the thing about the current design that makes it unsuitable as an outdoor security camera. I can just run up, knock it down and take it. It hasn’t had time to upload the alert video, and now the camera and memory card are gone.

The video storage needs to be hidden indoors.

I don’t know if non-IR motion sensing is feasible in the outdoor camera. When I set my outside-pointing camera to detect motion, even at the lowest setting, it triggered on trees blowing and kept alerting.

The magnet mount is not strong enough for outdoors. The wind is going to move the camera around or knock it down. A different mount is needed.

Then there’s the cost. I can buy one of those 4-camera, DVR based systems with a terabyte of storage for a couple of hundred bucks. Granted, it’s a wired system, but you’re not going to want to stream 1080P over WiFi from 4 cameras 24x7. The wireless versions (twice as expensive) use dedicated RF channels, not your home’s WiFi.

A Wyze camera with a 32 GB memory card is going to cost $35 or so. It is likely that the outdoor version would cost more. So a 4 camera system is going to cost almost as much as a dedicated wired DVR security system, and the DVR system has more functionality.

Wyze has audio. Is that useful outdoors?

And that’s just what I came up with off the top of my head. I’m not saying that Wyze isn’t capable of creating a world class external security system. Just that it’s not as simple as making a weather-proof version of the current camera.

The way I see it, there are two use cases for outdoor cameras.

  1. Immediately outside (IO) - attached to the house/building somehow, or with a power cable. Other solutions like this are Nest Outdoor Camera, original Ring, and Kuna.
  2. Waaay outside (WO) - either battery operated (Arlo, Ring Stick-up cam) or POE (Armcrest, Swann, TRENDnet, Lorex).
I'd like both. In fact, if you could come up with a single design that works for both, that would be awesome. Some thoughts on that:
  • USB-powered, with a weatherproof shroud.
  • For every day IO customers who just want to hang a camera out a window or attach it to a porch somewhere, provide a long power cable with a universal mount. If people just want to hang it up somewhere outside a window, you guys are most of the way there.
  • For IO customers considering Kuna or Ring, you could just provide a camera module that fits into a porch light housing. Find or partner with an OEM to make a bunch of different designs that all have powered, securable slots for the camera hardware. You guys just provide the camera and let customers choose which design of light fixture they want. If you could partner with a big OEM like Miller, that would be huge.
  • For remote WO cases, a battery-powered option would be great. Use the same camera module, but design a mount that let the user plug a rechargeable USB battery pack into the housing, so it's protected as well. Also, let the user select in the app whether the camera sends all motion, sends just notifications, or something else. I don't know enough about how your camera delivers data to know what would be right, but the point should be obvious: just let the users select where they want to be on the spectrum between "best performance" and "longest battery life"
IMO, POE is interesting, but USB is king. I've seen adapters like this one that will take Ethernet from POE switches and deliver 5v/10w to a USB device at the other end. If you could incorporate something like that into the housing, then you'd only have to build (or OEM) one camera module that would work with multiple different housing options.

Same camera, just water proof.