Wyze 3 cam ... how do I hook it up to power outside after mounting ... looking for suggestions

So I got 3 wyze cams for outdoor to mount for security around the house. I was seeing what other people did to solve the power cord issue if anyone has.

You could search the forums. There are thousands of posts you can see about mounting and powering cameras outdoors.

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What issue specifically?

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I run a 16’ flat USB cord out a window.

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Same here… 16’ and 25’ flat (and some round) USB cables out the windows, but with 2A wall warts.

If you have a outside lamp in a storage closet that is near by. I purchased a bulb extension with a outlet in it as there is no outlet in the closet.

Whatever you decide, approach it from protecting all connections from weather.

I have casement windows which seem pretty tight. How much stress can these flat USB cables/cords withstand?

I started to write “Just try it”.
Just take a piece of paper and fold it so it’s as thick or slightly thicker than the cord and see if you can close the window. If you can then try and make two of them to put on either side of the cord and try it. Mine seem to work with fairly tight windows.


Great suggestion @gemniii. It looks like rain here for most of the day. So once the weather clears I’ll give it a shot.

The rain stopped and I tried your suggestion. You are absolutely correct. The cable fit nicely and the window closes just fine. Thanks again.

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It has been over a month and a half since the OP responded. But I agree, there are many solutions to this issue here!