Powering outside Camera

For those that have an outside camera… How are you powering them? Using an outside outlet or drilling a hole through an exterior wall and running the power cable to an inside outlet?

My outdoor cams are mounted under eaves. 16’ USB cables run through vinyl soffit into attic. Power adapters are plugged into Wyze plugs so I can power-cycle the cams remotely with ease. Wyze plugs plug into AC outlets that I installed by tapping into existing wiring in attic.

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I’m thinking of going with POE. What are your thoughts on that? I could do a short POE from switch into the POE plugged in power supply in my basement next to all of my router and then run a long POE to the attic and just out the soffit which is still well within range of the longest possible run for A POE cable.

I drilled a small hole and ran these 26’ USB power cords to my V2 cams. No issues with them at all.

2 Pack 26FT USB Power Extension Cable Compatible with WyzeCam

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Nothing fancy… Double hung windows… fed the power cord in, closed the window.

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Put a plug adapter into an outdoor light socket then plugged the USB adapter into that. Easy peasy.

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For my backyard camera, I actually use a locked outlet box on my patio and ran the 15’ USB cable under the siding to completely hide it with the exception of where it leaves the outlet box.

And since I haven’t seen these posted on here yet, I’ll share them. They’re siding clips to mount your camera mounts to that then just clip onto your siding instead of drilling holes in your siding.


On my porch, I’ve got my power cable tucked in to the little crevice/crack where the patio meets the brick facade and it fits perfectly. Then it runs up the wall tucked behind the white railing and porch post to the camera mount.

Can you show a picture of the cable with the siding I would like my cable not to show at all and it looks like yours is going to show just underneath the siding but maybe the siding covers it up it’s kind of hard to tell with those clips. But that’s a great idea

I’ll take some tonight, but there is probably about 2"-3" of the power cable that you can see coming from the siding and going into the camera case. When it’s not winter, I’m going to tuck away more of the cord that’s down by the outlet box.

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The red line depicts where the cable is tucked into. It’s wedged between the two overlapping lips of the siding. Even though this is under an eave and this side of my house doesn’t usually get rain, I have a drip loop in the line as well to prevent any water from running back down into the outlet.

Since I have the camera mounted above the door, I ran it to the frame under the siding and then ran it vertical tucked in behind those trim pieces.

Camera mounted position, probably ~2" worth of cord exposed?

Lastly, total picture. Looks way better than any alternative I could’ve thought of to hide the wires without drilling into my walls. Disregard the photobombing dog :joy:


That looks really good wolfcorner. I have to admit I thought it was going to look a little ugly or stand out a little bit more but you did one heck of a good job. Way to go bud


I mounted my cam pan about 10 ft high on the corner of my house. I tucked my 15 ft cord easily under the verticle vinyle trim and plugged it into a external outlet box at the bottom. I have a 270 degree excellent view of side and back yard which includes full year round view of my garage. It’s been installed for over a year with no problems. I live in Wisconsin where it has been exposed twhereo -39 to 100 degree temps over that time.


I love to see pictures the more pictures of the better it gives me more ideas of how to do mine. So if you can post some pictures

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Have any of you experienced issues with cameras outside during the winter?

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I live in the Mid-West and have both cameras outside in a housing I bought on Amazon. They’ve been exposed to rain, snow, freezing rain and sub freezing conditions all winter and I have had zero issues. Keep the camera, power adapter, and outlet dry and I don’t think you’ll have an issue.

Many others have cameras outdoors in much colder climates and haven’t seen problems either.

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