Window bracket

This is perfect for what I want on my 2nd story window. I am afraid of the siding clips because of the rough weather we have here in Ohio during winter and rain storms.

check this out. Does anyone know how to get one or if there is an alternative. I have a v3 so there is no need for a housing.

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From the looks of this mount, you may be able to use the tripod screw on it to attach the V3. The bottom mount on the V3 can be removed by removing the silver screw. The screw hole is the standard “tripod” type.

but how would I hook it to the screen . This picture has like a flat plate

I wasn’t sure if you were taking about the bracket or how to attach the V3.
I’m not sure on where you can get a mount like this. Where did you get this one? You may have to order it and not use the v2 housing if possible.

I was googling different ways to mount the wyze camera and I found this on Reddit, someone printed it whatever that means. But for some dumb reason even though I joined, I still can’t comment on their post to find out how to get it.

If you look at the plate at the window, it’s flat. maybe what I can do is buy a flat board of some kind the curves into a hook

FWIW I had 3 cams on my house in Northern Kentucky mounted via the siding clips and they didn’t budge for the 2 years we lived in that house.

We saw some pretty wicked wind/rain/snow/ice over that time too. They are very solid.

thank you for confirming that it would be ok :), I have some clips

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