Mount to aluminum siding

How do I mount my Wyze outdoor cams to my aluminum siding. I tried using mounts that hook under the siding so I don’t have to drill but that did not work. Any help much appreciated!

Which “outdoor cam”?
WOC or V3?
On the V3’s I use vinyl siding hooks and use my tools (usually a sharp knife) to enlarge the screw hole just enough to fit the hangar through.

I would use clear “tub and tile” caulking to “glue” the magnetic ring to the siding. This would avoid putting a hole in the siding and could later be removed with a paint scraper if needed.

If you can remove it with a paint scraper I wouldn’t trust it to hold through weather. The vinyl siding hooks hold well, they rely on hooking under the siding and remove easily.

I have the WOC