Mounting options.

Hello all.

First off, just want to say how much I love my Wyzecam. Already have several family and friends sold on it.

Mounting options are pretty important to me. I think coming up with different options would be a big help and selling point for the company. I love the magnetic feature, and the circle magnetic plate is nice. However trying to move it without damaging your wall is impossible. What worked for me is, I drilled a hole directly into the center of the metal plate, then used a pan screw to fasten it into the wall. That way, if I ever have to move it again, I’m just patching a small hole, instead of a large tear. I would like to see that small change become a reality but, would also like to see what others have come up with.

The magnetic mount is great for temporary locations or surfaces that can’t take a screw. But rather than screw the metal ring to the wall, which still has the problem of the camera positioning being disturbed if you touch it, I have drilled a couple small holes in the sides of the gray foot. With these holes I can use a small wall anchor or two for a very secure immovable mount that will be easy to patch if removed. In the photo below, I used only one of the holes and a small drywall anchor and the camera is rock solid.

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We are working on a mounting kit, with pre-drilled holes and screw set. Stay tuned.


Other than screw, 3M command strip works too. We are in talk with them, but not sure if we could get something fitting our need.


WyzeR, any suggestions on removing the magnetic circle from walls without also removing the paint?


I 3D printed a bracket for mounting:

And a little “hood” to protect it a bit from the elements:

Mine are mounted on small outlet shelves. I’ve replaced the cables with 6" usb cables to keep it tidy.


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I think they said you can remove it with a hairdryer.
They also had a tip video about it:

Those are nice!

Please share the link for the outlet shelves…

You can probably use Command Strips to attach the base or magnetic disc to the wall.

I plan to design a 3D printable mount, but it might be a few weeks until I get around to it.

Hi, how long did it take for you to create the 3d printed hood? Would you consider making them and sell them on eBay? I would buy a couple of them!

what kind of printable mount do you have in mind? :slight_smile:

I hadn’t decided. I’m still playing with different placement ideas.

Maybe a clip of some sort for Elfa shelves, among other options. Any requests?

Have you considered providing a single, centered hole in the magnet, counter-sunk for a single #6 wood screw? Basically, just screw the magnet to the wall keeping a flat surface, and voila.

This mount works GREAT! Thank you for the link.

I used a command strip to hold a 2" stainless steel washer ( at any hardware store) to the wall. The magnetic base of the WyzeCam sits perfectly on this circle. The camera has been in place for over 40 days with no apparent slippage.

I wouldn’t try to get an arrangement with the Command Strip people since all you need to do is buy them off the shelf.

I hope this info helps others.

How about a Joby Tripod

Found a nut that fit the tripod and glued it to the plate that comes with the cam.

screwed the nut to the tripod

stick the tripod anywhere

Great idea Mr. Rat! Very smart mount!

I have used the command strips to attach the disc to drywall while trying out various locations and it comes off without any damage.

The 3M tape that comes with the cam, I have removed it from other surfaces by using dental floss to saw off the attached piece, then rolling the remaining residue off with fingertips. I haven’t tried it on drywall, just glass, plastic, and painted steel surfaces.

is there something in the base piece (not the metal plate, but the grey “foot” on the camera) that prevents you from just drilling a whole through it, and screwing it to the wall?