Adhesive /Magnet For Outdoor Camera?

I have two Outdoor Cameras and just opened up one of them, thinking of putting it up. I had the impression there was an adhesive with the camera. It’s not written in the manual either. I thought the ‘EASE’ of being able to move the cameras around were tied to being able to use adhesive or screws. Isn’t it supposed to be held by magnets too? I’m very confused. How are you supposed to put it up? How can I put it on a metal carport with those little screws? I’m disappointed at all of this. I feel blocked for how I can put them up alone. Help, please.

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Yes, the magnet is there. Just pull.

I’m in the same boat. I had my non-outdoor camera mounted to my gutter via the magnet in the base. Although the outdoor camera can be pulled off the base as you describe, it doesn’t help mount the camera to anything else magnetic. It would be great if the bottom of the base was also magnetic like the non-outdoor camera is. Or at least if an accessory was available to do this.
I’m going to look into a magnetic tripod mounting solution but they are almost as much as the camera.


To clarify - the recessed bottom of the outdoor cam itself has only a piece of metal (and is also tapped for a camera type mount), The magnet is on the removable base.

I would think if you can find a sufficiently strong and sufficiently thick magnet or stacked magnets, that will suffice to mount the cam to a metal object.

I have tried with two refrigerator type magnets, but they are too weak to hold the weight of the camera against gravity.

did you find a magnet to use without using the provided stand? thanks

I’m still looking for the right one. I have a few that I could stack to fill the gap, but I would like to find one thick round one that would fit in perfectly and provide a snug attachment to both camera base and metal objects.

I will be lobbying Wyze to include one!

Something like this looks almost perfect.

So if buy these you think they’ll fit I the round space of the camera?

While it looks like it might come close to fitting, I would advise you to measure the diameter and depth of the base of your Wyze cam, then compare that to the dimensions that are given for each of these magnets.

I will probably consider them, but I only need two so I would be paying a lot more than I need to be. So I will be looking for one or two that are similar.

I just got my Wyze Outdoor Cam. How do you actually attach the camera to the base if you want to use the magnet to attach the base to something?

Attach the camera to the base magnet on the top or bottom of the camera, your choice. The base attaches to the wall or whatever you are mounting it on with one screw or you can use both screw and plastic anchors if you prefer.See link.

I thought the point of having a magnetic mount was to be able to mount the camera to a metal surface.

Did you view the link on installation. What do you want to mount it to?

I have a metal front door that was going to attach it to using the magnetic portion of the base but if you remove it from the camera, there is no way to attach the camera to the square portion.

You want to mount it to your front door that’s seems odd ? If you want to mount it to metal you should do a search for a camera base with a magnetic base attachment and a 1/4 20 screw attachment that will swivel up and down and side to side. That way you can screw the cam onto the 1/4 20 screw hole in the bottom of the cam and attach the magnet to the door. There are many wall mounts that have the screw on capability but I do not know of one that has a magnetic base . Someone will probably chime in.

I would also like a magnetic option without the use or adhesive or a screw. I would like to mount the camera temporarily to a metal surface without ruining the metal by drilling a hole.