Wyze Cam OG upside down weatherproof?

Question and sorry if this has been asked/answered before. Does mounting the Cam OG upside down affects its weather proof rate? Need to mount one outside the house in a wall, with no cover to the elements on top.

Thanks, joel

I don’t believe Wyze has even officially said that you shouldn’t mount it upside down, but many users have had issues with water pooling up on top of v3 cams and seeping into the SD card slot.

The og cam doesn’t have the same base, so I don’t believe water will be able to pool up as much, and the sd card cover is a little different.

I would hope Wyze made these changes to fix this issue, but I’m not sure.

I would recommend mounting it right side up or under a cover (like the corner of your roof)


I had set my OG up out the side of the house with no covers, with the camera pointing down. It was out there for a few weeks before I decided to move it elsewhere. It went through a couple of heavy rains without issues.

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I have both my OG Cams upside down, but they are indoors.

I don’t believe the weather resistance of the cams is dependant on its orientation. This is because to receive an IP65 Weather Resistant rating, the cam enclosure must successfully resist water intrusion from all angles. Note that the cams are not “waterproof” but are “water resistant”. This means that the amount of exposure (continuous duration, volume, & strength) all have a threshold limit before it fails.

“An IP65 rated enclosure gives protection against low pressure water jets from any direction, as well as condensation and water spray. It’s suitable for most outdoor enclosures that won’t encounter extreme weather such as flooding.”

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Either way if you want it to last as long as possible then put it under cover. That would be the only valid reason to ask that question anyway. Outdoor grade stuff will last longer under cover.

The Wyze outdoor cams don’t have great weatherproofing anyway.

Thanks all for the comments. I will try to look for alternatives for this particular camera. the others I have will be under/close to the roof, but that particular one might have to be exposed. Thanks again!

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You could use something to cover the top of it if your worried. The bottom of a plastic container could be cut out and act as a little umbrella.

But for one cam it’s probably going to be ok. The OGs don’t have the little area where water will pool up so it’s probably your best bet.

Some other companies sell little covers online on amazon or Etsy you could look into

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I am waiting for a skin to be available. If you know of one let me know. I had V3 I have this issue and I would not trust mounting upside down without some extra precaution. Maybe even just put some silicone over it once you know it’s working fine. You can always peel it off. The issue I had with the V3 was after I’d say a year and a half. I have two others both mounted up side upside down and have not had this issue so I don’t know if it’s random. Both are only slightly covered. Underneath gutters or eaves that are short. There was enough water inside the cam to make me think that it had been seeping in overtime. Eventually it caused some corrosion and the lens got messed up.

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NICE but I do have doubts that is fool proof for an upside down mount. And in my case I wanted to use the v3 mount wich would leave more exposed. I have never had a skin so do not know if water can get past the cut outs.


Be nice,
After seeing the skin I have my doubts for upside down mounts . So sue me.