Cam V3 water proof

There are holes (presumably for loud speaker and mic) at the back of the camera. The cam V3 is place outdoors with the back upwards, hense if it rains, will water get into the cam through the holes? Should I cover it up with plastic duck tape?

I asked the same question earlier and was told that the V3 was ok to use it outdoors as produced. I was also wondering about additional covering there.
Based on that response, all of mine in use outdoors have been stock as delivered since then and I’ve had no issues.

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Wyze Cam v3 is in an ‘IP65’ weather resistant enclosure. That means it gives protection against low-pressure water jets from any direction (rain), as well as condensation and water spray. That makes the cam suitable for most outdoor installations that won’t encounter extreme weather such as flooding.

So it should hold up fine so long as you don’t submerge it.

I believe the holes are tiny to keep rain out while allowing the camera to breathe, and the speaker to be heard.

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I’ve had 2 outside “naked” in NE Mississippi for about 3 months, 1 always facing slightly down monitoring my driveway from outside a second story window. The other is looking down about 50% of the time, but I move it around.
Several HEAVY rains, 2 ice storms, no problem with the cams.

I had my V3 outdoors, “naked” for about 4 weeks, including the standard USB power supply, believing IP65 extended to the power supply as well as the camera. Worked wonderfully until a particularity heavy downpour and “zap”, no signal. Tested camera with a cell phone charger, and it was fine, but the power supply was fried. Wyze, will you pony up an IP65 power supply for me? My wife won’t let me use it outdoors anymore, and the view through the windows stinks.