Protect V3 from rain and snow

Friends, I am interested in knowing how are you protecting your Wyze v3 (note: note the model that’s specifically built for outdoor) from rain and now when you mount it outside? I plan to place it under the eve but I think there is a slight chance it may get wet during heavy rain or snow. Also, i live in Canada, so it gets pretty cold up here :slight_smile: . Any suggestions , dos/don’t are welcome

Just plug and play…V3 is waterproof as per rain. The cold weather is not an issue since it’s plugged into power. I use mine ‘as is’ with no additional protective. I live in SK

Yes, I agree. Just put it out there. I have had V2s outdoors since they were introduced, just under overhangs. Never had a problem with those with weather or rain or snow on the lens.

I have an outdoor cam that’s totally unprotected, and it is very rare to see issues covering the lens there either. In fact, I haven’t noticed anything, I just assume it’s possible.

Hello People.
For those of you who are concerned about rain intrusion through the V3’s speaker holes, or have experienced rain intrusion, I submitted a proposed back cap to cover the back of the camera. Also, there has been discussion about raindrops on the camera’s lens interfering with the camera’s field of view. The helmet I submitted would not require the back cap, as it provides rain resistance front and back.
Below are pictures of the back cap and the helmet that was printed at the library.
Included are the 3D stl files should you want to print them.
In the second picture below a gap can be seen between the back of the back wall of the end cap. This is to allow sound functionality.

The end cap was attached with white caulking. If in the future you want to repurpose the camera and remove the back cap it should come off without damage to the camera or cap.

Below are some pictures of a 3D-printed helmet.

Below are the links for the 3D print files:

End Cap V3 End Cap ver 2,stl

Helmet V3 Helmet Mod 2.stl