Bonnet for the V3 Camera - Advanced

Hello’ People.
This is an update to Bonnet for the V3 Camera wherein I provide a link to a 3D printer file for a bonnet type of cap for the V3 camera. The bonnet’s intent is to keep raindrops off of the lens. The aluminum foil version will definitely do that but, when I actually operated the camera with the foil bonnet, the left and right corners of the foil encroached into the camera’s upper left and right field of view. No problem with the foil, you would just fold up the two offending foil corners a little and be done with it. Even though they are small encroachments that could be cut or filed off, I decided to revise the file: V3 Bonnet.stl and call the new file: V3 Bonnet 2.stl. Below is a picture of the problem:

Below is a link to the new 3D file for the Bonnet:
V3 Bonnet 2.stl Below is what it will look like:

While I was at it, I made a file called V3 Helemet.stl. This file will print a helmet type cover for the camera. In this version, the sides extend to the bottom of the camera. See 3D print file link below:
V3 Helmet Mod 2.stl

And below is what it sort of looks like - the back panel stops at the power cord:

Note: Both print files are in the best orientation for printing.

Victor Maletic.


You, sir, are my hero. When I have time, I might modify your design in two ways: 1) extend a visor over the back to protect the speaker from rain, and 2) cover up the back almost entirely, in the case that the speaker is not being used. Either way, covering up the white parts of the camera with a color of my choosing is an added bonus. Thank you for this!

Thank you for the compliments boydmjb.
I am recommending some links below that may interest you based on the fact you are interested in presenting a different color for the camera and possibly in mounting methods.

The first link deals with a revised helmet design posts number 16, 17, and 18 specifically.My Wyze Cam V3 died in the rain

The next two links describe masking the lens part of the camera for painting.
3D Paint Masks for Easy Black or any other color V3
3D Paint Masks for Easy Black or any other color - 2

Since many Wyze cameras are not simply set upon a horizontal surface but are mounted on brackets from walls, rafters, or ceilings, the link below be usefull.
V3 Nice Screw Mounting on V2 L-brackets and such

I would like to know what you think?

Victor Maletic.

To @omgitstony.
I just updated the helmet design to one that covers the speaker holes. Below is the link, posts 16, 17, and 18 in particular.

My Wyze Cam V3 died in the rain

Victor Maletic.

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I like it! Only problem is all my outside v3 are mounted upside down using this mount:

Security Camera Wall Mount Holder Stand Outdoor/Indoor for Wyze Cam Pan System | eBay

Hello trekgod3.
The picture below depicts an idea that may work. A strip of thin sheet metal or polycarbonate plastic could cut and bent in the fashion shown. You could also mark-out side panels cut and fold them down and duct tape the corners. The polycarbonate can be bent just like metal - no heat needed.


Victor Maletic.

For those who have no use for the speakers, I guess you could just silicone kit the holes closed. Unless they serve double duty as heat dissipators…

Hello All and @TheRealWolf.

Obviously taping over or caulking the speaker hole would make them very resistant to rain.
For those with access to 3D printing, print one of these and caulk it on to the back of the V3:

Below is the link to V3 Back Cap.stl, no charge of course.

V3 Back Cap.stl

The Back Cap geometry could be functionally duplicated using a cardboard U-shape taped across the back and onto the back of the camera.

Both the cardboard or the plastic version would protect the speaker from rain while providing some air space.

Victor Maletic.

But what if you caulk the holes shut and they serve as heat dispensers? Isn’t there a risk of overheating?

The speaker doesn’t generate much heat. And supposedly the speaker compartment is sealed from the rest of the circuitry. It can’t possibly be dissipating heat, either.

@TheRealWolf, regarding the use of caulking to attach the Back Cap, I would only use a small amount and spread it thinly over the U-shape surface. The air gap provided by the Back Cap design is meant to support speaker function. The caulk connection between the Back Cap and the camera is virtually movement-free, so a thin amount will work. See picture below.

Based on my experience with the maintenance of V2 and V3 cameras, I have to agree with @Ipil60R34s, heat isn’t an issue.

Victor Maletic.

To make the Wyze Cam V3 less obvious on the ‘cultured stone’ front porch entrance, I designed and 3D printed a well-fitting cover (or bonnet). It leaves the back mostly open (my porch has a roof over it). The walls are 0.8mm thick (or thin…) and the part is printed using a CCF-filled nylon. The camera is mounted on a 3D printed pedestal designed to tightly fit into the mortar joint gap between the stones (I had to hammer the bracket in lightly as it has little ratchet to lock into the gap and prevent slippage.)


(the bottom picture still has a temporary 3M polyimide tape before the screw was tightened; I’m planning to paint the USB power cable brown or black to hide it better, too.)

If anybody would like to 3D print it, please let me know, I’ll share the STL file.

WISHLIST: I wish Wyze Labs offered a choice of white or black camera body color and a matching-color cable.

Awesome. Can’t you spray paint the white cable?

Yes, certainly–esp. if I place a sheet of paper behind it, but I was thinking of using a small brush.

Magic marker should work fine.

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Yes, that’s an even simpler trick–or a black liquid Kiwi shoe shine! ;-)!