Outdoor camera hat

I took the Hat off my outdoor camera. Ice blocked the lens. Now I realize that the Cowboy hat is functional and not just for good looks. Where can I get more hats?

@epsilon1192 has an etsy store. He sells black, white, and mahogany hats.

I tried pasting a link but was unsuccessful

His store is 3DPrintNerdEP1192

I have his Wyze handheld vacuum stand and two of his Wyze watch 47 charging stands. Both are well designed and constructed.

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I had one on my Cam Pan one summer and took it off. The plastic began to yellow somewhat. I got mine on Amazon I think. Been a year ago that i got it maybe more

thank you

Thank you . They make sense for an outdoor camera

This is the one I use on my Outdoor cameras.

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Hello Everyone.
I have made a weather helmet for the v3 camera. The picture below shows two of them that were printed for free at my public library.

Here is the free link to the STL file. V3 Helmet Mod 2.stl
I will make up a similar file for the Outdoor Cam if I get detailed measurements of the camera. Top: side width and front to back length. Bottom: (just above where the undercarriage begins) side width and front to back length, Height: top to just above where the undercarriage begins. Make a sketch showing the measured lengths across the various edges, Measure to the upper 0.10mm. I do not charge for my STL files.

Till later Victor

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That’s neat. How would I find someone who makes them in my area?

I’m just going to cut and bend some plastic and tape it to my cam.

Hello All and @AnnWithAPlan .
Before bending and taping plastic to your Wyze camera, check out the following two pictures.

If eventually a plastic protector (helmet) is wanted you could use the link
I provided a couple of posts earlier to download to your computer. If you live in a county that provides some of its branch libraries with 3D printers for its patrons, request a print through them. Typically I request my prints in white or black PLA plastic. The libraries I have used charged nothing for the material or the print time. Some libraries charge a small fee for the material used.
The next two pictures are library-printed items.

This last picture shows a printed support bracket for a 3v camera that is accessible through a link.

If libraries are not an option, perhaps a family member or friend has a 3D printer, otherwise, type into the search bar of your browser “where can i get a 3d file printed printed”
There will be a lot of responses to review.

Carry on.

Hi. Thanks for the tips. Might try that, too. I did download your printable file, so will check with my library here.

I know nothing about 3d printing, but what you’ve created is pretty cool… now can you make one that will house the camera & the Spotlight Kit?!

Hello @LenBradner .
I am fairly certain I could work up an STL file for a combined spotlight and camera.
I don’t have a spotlight but, if someone were to send me one on loan that I could use to take measurements and verify fit of a printed helmet. If the print proves beyond my abilities, I would send the spotlight back. If the print is successful, I will send both the spotlight and the helmet back.