A line of WCO hats

I loved the pre-order bonus of the tiny cowboy hat for the WCO, wouldn’t it be amusing to have an entire line of hats? That is to say, I wouldn’t say no to a tiny pirate that for one of my WCO units.

I’m old enough to remember paper cutout designs that were provided, you printed out and you taped them to camera. Holidays…

Wyze should have cornered the market on Hats, Santa, Clown Hat, Pirate, 10 gallon, Sombrero, Ironman, etc.


Ok this probably sounds really stupid but I would like to see the Wyze Cowboy hat that Wyze have as a gift for the outdoor camera for sale on Wyze’s website.

No I’m not joking. I think it’s cute and looks good on my camera. I would buy one for all of my V2 cameras as well as my other Outdoor Camera.

Wyze please consider this as an accessory. Maybe $5? I’d pay that.



I absolutely deployed my Cowboy Hat on one of my two cameras. It’s amazing and I love it.

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My wife has jokingly said that we can only get another Wyze Cam Outdoor if we get another hat that’s different than the cowboy hat. :sweat_smile:Any chance something like that will end up in the store someday?

Cowboy hat
Baseball cap
Top hat
Mortar board
Construction helmet

As silly as it sounds, we’d absolutely pay extra to give each camera personality.

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I would like hats or other protective coverings for my other outdoor cams. Visibility in inclement weather, like snow, is much better on the one with the hat. It helps prevent snow from sticking to the lense.

I was an original backer of the outdoor cam, and my first one came with this cute little cowboy hat :cowboy_hat_face: that helps protect the lens from the elements. I didn’t realize what a difference this makes until I set up a new outdoor cam, then promptly had a snow storm that obscured it’s lens. My cowboy hat wearing one did not have this issue. I would like the option to purchase more of these hats to avoid such weather related blunders in the future. If I had access to a 3D printer, I’d start making them myself. The cost of materials shouldn’t be so high as to not turn a profit. Please make these hats available to the public.