Cowboy hat

What is the three cornered cowboy hat that comes with Outdoor Cam?

It fits on the camera. It’s a limited edition gift for early adopters.

Yes I saw that. An amazing number of people mistook the hat for packing material and discarded it. And of course I imagine a few were missing due to packing mistakes. That’s life I guess.

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Well don’t feel slighted. While the camera has serious issues with functionality… the stupid little hat actually fits the camera

Makes it all worthwhile don’t cha know …

Oh I don’t feel at all slighted. After all I did not buy one. After the disaster of the Wyze Band release I decided to not participate in any further early adopter releases from Wyze.

Better to wait a few months and let all the “it’s not as good as my iFruit device that costs 20 times more” whiners settle down. :slightly_smiling_face:

Based on their past performance it takes Wyze about 20 firmware releases to get to “acceptable” status. So you might as well just wait.

Totally understand and in hindsight I should have on this disaster. But previous experience with V2, Pan and the Scale , I had high hopes this would be similar. Didn’t see the missing basic functionality EVER being an issue

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As Wyze has expanded their product line they apparently have not expanded their staff to match. This seems to have resulted in a number of half baked products being released and an overall increase in buggy firmware releases.

But they are persistent and seem to fix things eventually so it is a matter of timing I guess.

I’m not going to be participating in the early adoption anymore either. Google gives you a free mini when you buy one of their new products. Wyze gives you a stupid cowboy hat that I won’t even use. I liked the idea of Wyze and what they were doing, but I think they’re lost their edge and competitive advantage by being just another technology company that disappoints.

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