3D Paint Masks for Easy Black or any other color V3

3D Paint Masks for Easy Black or any other color V3. These masks are reusable. No tedious cutting paper masks.
I have been waiting for responses to my requests to print out some STL files I worked up for making re-usable paint masks for the V3 cameras. Meanwhile, my nephew bought a used XYZprinting daVinci for 35 bucks never used. So, I printed the files myself. This post describes the heat forming of the flat plate mask and what the pyramid mask looks like. A future post will examine the results of using the 2D paper masks and the 3D PLA masks.

This last picture puts all the information together.

Below are links to the 3D STL files if you should want to print reusable paint masks shown above:




Thank you for sharing, @victormaletic.
I appreciate your fine work and efforts!


what if I just want to buy one off you :wink:

I haven’t made the jump into printing…yet

although this might be the catalyst

Hello @Bam
I am not interested in 3D printing for others and hardly for myself. There are a lot of settings in 3D printers that need to set correctly for the item’s geometry and the printer’s environment.
In the past, I have dealt with LachLan6 and holocron, both contributors to this forum, for 3D printed items. For sure there are others out on the web willing and able to print some for you.
The links I provided in my post for the Plate and Frame Mask and for the Pyramid Mask with Tab are ready to print.
If you have Slicer Software installed on your computer, the act of accessing either of the 3D files will cause the object to be viewable as a 3D rendering on your screen. A web search for Slicer Software will bring up many to choose from.

Victor Maletic.

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thats good information to know…

Ive wanted a printer but haven’t made the investment…YET :grinning:

if nothing else I know who to look to with some insight if/when I do get one.

Hello People.
This is an update to post #1. In the original post a 3D print file (.stl) was provided for the Pyramid with Tab style of mask. Before using this printed mask, I manually drilled a lift-hole through the tab. In this update
I provide a new 3D print file that includes the hole.

Capture Mask with Hole

Below is the link for the 3D print file.

V3 Pyramid Mask with Tab and Hole.stl

Victor Maletic.

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