3D Paint Masks for Easy Black or any other color - 2

Yesterday I posted 3D Paint Masks for Easy Black or any other color V3. In that post, I described how I 3D printed reusable paint masks for the V3 camera.

This post shows how the 2D printed on photo paper and 3D printed with PLA plastic performed. You can decide which performed best. In this post, I made my choice clear.

Picture 1. below shows my paint setup wherein the backs and sides of the cameras are painted first. Then the cameras were rotated about and masked:

Picture 2. below shows the masks used and that three of them are weighted with coins and provided with a lifting loop, cut from a straw:

Pictures 3 to 6 below show that there should be a little black camera face color around all edges of the masks:

Picture 7 below shows the front faces of cameras painted black and their masks removed:

Pictures 8 to 11 below shows the paint bleed under for the various mask with my rating.

For future camera painting, I think a thin layer of caulking around the edges of the 3D masks may give even better performance?

Victor Maletic.