V3 Painting Easy Setup and Takedown

Hello People.
I have posted more than several times about painting V2s’ and V3s’ This post is probably the last of its evolving stages as seen in the pictures below. I used Plasti Dip. The applied coating seems to be tough enough and without the need for special care in handling.

In the last picture the helmet STL file can be accessed at: My Wyze Cam V3 died in the rain post No. 42.
If the magnetic base was removed to allow for a 1/4"x20tpi screw attachment, a 6mm shim STL file can be accessed at: V3 Nice Screw Mounting on V2 L-brackets and such post No. 1

The helmet and the shim were printed at a public library.

Victor Maletic.


Always good write ups! Thanks! :smiley:

Nice! You didn’t feel the need to disassemble it so you could paint the speaker holes as well? I imagine there is still a white square…

Yes Customer there is a white square (rectangle) patch on the back. I have yet to see the white patch on any of my cameras as they are mounted up in the eaves and aimed downwards. But if I were to see the white, a black permanent marker application would hide it.


Nice DIY. What is the total cost of the project?

If it was like mine, maybe $6 for the Plasti Dip and a couple bucks for the masking tape.

Plasti Dip is great in that you can remove it if you don’t want it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Vic!

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Hello, @odhiambo and Others.
The total cost in 1979 dollars was about $400.00 You see, the concrete support ribbon for the fence sits on 18" dia, piles 4’ deep at 4’ on center. Recessed in the concrete ribbon were 4.5"x 4.5" x 12" at 8’ on center blockouts for rough 4"x4" redwood posts that were foamed into the blockout voids. The top fence rail is 16’ rough 2"x2" for greater stiffness. Forty-two years later the fence is in very good condition.

Oops! maybe you meant just the application of the Plasti Dip?
In that case, discarding my labor, zero. My neighbor gave me his leftover Plasti Dip. I had the other items on hand.

Till later.

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