DIY Wyze Cam Window Mount

Since the window mount has been out of stock I figured I’d share a tip:

You can construct your own window mount rather easily with 3M Command Black Picture Hanging Strips. It’s about $8 US for 12 pairs of strips.

Here’s my first attempt:

  • The strips are Velcro so it’s easy to mount the camera and take it off whenever I clean or open my sliding window.
  • I tried using white strips but they produce too much glare, so definitely use the black ones instead.
  • There’s a reason the official Wyze window mount is a wide rectangle instead of a compact square shape; the extra width helps block reflections you’ll see along the sides if you have dual pane windows.
  • You can also stick a tiny piece over the microphone and it effectively blocks all sound. This is handy because you’re mounting it indoors; I don’t like the chance of it hearing my private conversations.
  • I ended up repositioning the strips after taking this photo, nudging them outward a little. They were too close up to the image sensor, so don’t copy my photo exactly.
  • Obviously you need to turn off the IR emitters, so this works best with the v3 cam and it’s incredible night sensor.

This is a fairly easy option if you want to try out window mounting and can’t wait for the official ones to be in stock. I’ve had my camera up for a couple weeks so far and it’s been working great!


Hello DrHughMann
I would like to see a close-up picture of the backside of your arrangement.

Snapped this quick picture this morning of the back/side. The command strips stick out just a tiny bit, but not that much.


Thanks for responding so quickly with the picture.
The dark material around the perimeter of the camera is the Black Command Tape that connects the camera to the window, but what is the lighter black object up against, or along the side of the camera’s base? Something you cut to size or 3D printed?

I put a small strip of black vinyl electrical tape on the base. My idea was that the camera would look like a nondescript black square to anyone looking from a distance. In hindsight that tape seems completely unnecessary. The command strips are really all that’s making it work here!

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