V3 Window Mounts by Wyze

I just got 2 of the v3 Wyze Window Mounts and I was really disappointed to see that this is a “one and done” situation just like the magnetic mounting. How have we not evolved past this type of permanent fixture? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to affix these so i can move them around? Or i can return them if there is another option on Amazon Prime.

Not sure if they would work, but 3M command strips are at least removable. They also make a velcro version that would allow you to remove the mount.


You’re right! I have some velcro command strips because thats what i used for the Wyze Contact Sensors … when they existed before they all ended up giving me the 5 blinks of death. I will try it and see if it works on a window.

Well we sell over 175 of them in a month and no one has any issues…sounds like you need more cameras for your project,our average customer has about 6-8 cameras to cover there property

I created my own mount system. I mounted a metal shelf bracket into the frame area. I assumed it was iron based, it isn’t. So, I mounted the metal disk using the 3m tape. I was able to position the camera the way I wanted it. I can adjust it as necessary.

I recommend finding a L bracket that is iron based so a magnet will stick. You can determine how far away from the window to mount it. You can then slide the camera to a position that works best.

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