REMOVABLE indoor mount idea

so I came up with an idea for mounting your V2 pretty much anywhere indoors, wall, windows, underneath a shelf…etc…

if you come up with a cool way to use this method I along with many other would love to see your idea.

items you will need…

  1.  3m double sided adhesive command strips.  ( far more easily removable then the adhesive that comes with the camera and washer.)
  2. steel right angle bracket.
  3. your Wyzecam mount washer (or another steel magnetic washer of roughly the same diameter)
  4. rectangular magnets (although any shape would work, i found them to fit my angle bracket perfectly)
  5. an awesome Wyzecam V2.

this method is easy to move and repeat without any damage and with the bracket you cam adjust it if you need to see over a frame or something small that might normally be in the way.


I like it,
Check this out , top is 2 inches wide just big enough to set a Cam on

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Checked out Command strip. Noted that applying heat with a hair dryer allows for easy removal of the strip. Remaining adhesive residue is easily removed. Looks to be a good product for non-permanent use. Question: Would the heat of direct summer sunlight break the bond if used on a window or door glass surface?

Was thinking about using hot glue. Rubbing alcohol breaks the bond of hot glue. Messy and potentially harmful to certain surfaces compared to the Command strips.

@kimcheese2017 I dont think it would. assuming the house stays at a fairly even temperature. the strips are white so they wouldnt absorb all the heat. and also an upside to the bracket and magnet is that you can adjust it so it would be in the sunlight but the base where the strip is might not be. check these out. just a thought. 0221191636a_HDR

between the versatility of the cameras to swivel and the magnet and bracket you might be able to figure something out.

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downside to the suction cup is that they loose suction with temp changes. i had to get an adhesive for a camera in my car due to it falling all the time because of this. thats also plastic and not magnetic :frowning:

The thing is you don’t have The extreme temperature changes on a house window that you do in a car .
I have had a different bigger plastic suction Cup Shelf On my window With a camera on it for months It hasn’t moved A smidgen And I don’t think it will Come off unless I take it off , It has been on there since Beginning of summer .
I’m going to get one of Those that I linked to For another window , After having the one I have now I am Confident It will stay where I put it

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Here’s my set up. A. Heap $10 suction cup car mount and you have all the adjustment you could want.


You got a link to that suction cup car mount ?

Sorry no link.

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Just ordered a dash/windshield mount from AMZ. Have been using my sister’s unit for couple weeks as a dash mount for iPhone. It’s inexpensive (~$8)and functional. The sliding arm plus 2 pivot points give you a wide range to position whatever device you attach. Would require minimal diy to attach a Wyze v2.

by [Merkury Innovations

I’ve experienced issues with couple brands (Ram, Garmin) of suction cup windshield bases not sticking as BAM noted. Fine on the cold (sub-freezing) surface. Windshield temp increases, off comes the mount. Guessing the little trapped air expanding breaks the suction.

No problems with these suction bases on smooth, clean gelcoat on a pitching, pounding :sailboat:. Hopefully less temp change on a house window might allow use as a cam mount.

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Image of the above noted dash/window mount. No mod required to hold the v2.


I think a lot of people would like this. post a link if you get a minute.

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I see, thanks

I have free access to a 3D printer at our neighbourhood library and thingiverse (Wyze Cam wall mount by Fallguy2006 - Thingiverse) has a couple of wall mount designs for Wyze cams. Worked perfectly for me. Cost was about $1 for material.

You could save some of the hardware for future needs. Place the steel bracket directly against the window with command tape. Place the tape along the full length of the window contact surface. With full length taping a Cam Pan could be mounted vertically or upside down with a 1/4 x20 screw and nut.

To enhance V2 camera stability consider using two steel brackets side by side.

Victor Maletic

This works for me. Thanks.

Why not mount the command tape directly on the steel bracket and use the magnets for something else? Of course a trial setup could be done before commiting to command tapr. You could use two angle brackets side-by-side to provide a more stable camera support. The camera is less likely to get pulled off by an unindented force on the power cable.