Window mount adhesive

What adhesive is used on the new window mount? How can it be removed?
Can I replace it with 3M command strips?

The window mount adhesive is pretty strong. It can be removed, but it’s hard. I would make sure you test the mount and camera where you are going to place it before you use the adhesive.

You could use Command strips or Velcro to attach the mount, but I’m not sure how it would hold up.

The adhesive will definitely hold longer if the mount can rest on an inside window ledge.

Could I put electrical or duct tape all around wyze window mount edges to hold to window instead of their adhesive strips so I can move it easily in future? I will take off the wyze stand to make it lighter.

Thank you very much

I’ve found that clear “nanocell” tape (the type that advertises it can be washed and reused) to be very useful for smooth surfaces.

I’ve had some of it in use now for holding the mount for a Blink camera to the underside of a metal roof, and it has held up to the high temperatures (over 120 F at times for the metal) as well as the high humidity of summer. Time will tell how well it holds up to the cold.

I also used it to attach another Switchbot sensor to a water pipe outside (but in a covered location). Again, tested for heat and humidity, but not cold yet.

I’ve also used it to mount a somewhat lighter Switchbot temp/humidity sensor on my bathroom wall.

The keys with this stuff is not to contaminate the surface during mounting. It can be washed and reused as advertised, but it isn’t easy, as it is difficult to find a way to dry both sides without it sticking. It is also elastic, so it tends to stretch out of shape during removal.