Wyze Cam window mount. Easy to remove?

I just bought a window mount with the V3 cam I bought. It’s a bit expensive for a piece of double-sided tape but aside from that, I’m wondering if it’s easy to remove once I stick it on the window or will I need to use a razor to scrape it off?

Dental floss will take a 3M adhesive pad of a car windshield quickly so it should work on a window. Then wipe window with alcohol to remove any residue .


Razor will be needed

I would go with what @Antonius suggested. The dental floss trick works well and without any scratches.

Be sure you strain relieve your cabling to make sure the extra weight doesn’t slowly pull the mount off the window (tie it to the curtain rod?)

Has anyone tried to window-mount a cam using regular double-sided tape or maybe some double-sided weatherstripping or something like that?

I’m not really a fan of attaching something semi-permanent to my window like the Wyze Window Mount that takes either a razor or floss to remove.