Reusing v3 camera window mount

Well I used the trick of using dental floss between the window mount and the glass to saw through the adhesive and remove the mount. I used a razor scraper ( you can use your glass top stove razor scraper) to remove the majority of the adhesive left on the glass. Then I used Goo Gone to remove the last of it. I just used my fingers to remove the adhesive from the rubber mount itself. It came off pretty easily. I then used 2 pieces of Scotch Indoor double faced tape 2¼" long each on the window mount. I attached the mount to the window and added the v3 camera. It seems to hold well. I will report if it fails to hold for a long time. I called 3M who makes Scotch tape. They recommended the exact same procedure to remove their tape from glass. They said they had no information if their double faced tape would adhere to rubber but I tried it and it holds well. The camera plus the mount weighs about 5 oz. so it’s not a big load on the tape. This will allow you to reuse the v3 window mount numerous times without buying another one. Cheers!


The cables can pull a new mount down, so be sure to strain relieve the cables (I tie the power cord to my curtain rod, and use an extension cord to get to that).