Easy Black or any other color V2

I have painted 8 V2’s and would like to share my method:

Read and look at pictures below.

Un-box the camera and save the inner cardboard camera wrap.

Cut and fold the wrap to fit inside the recess on the back of the camera.

Place some tape over the bottom camera label to keep from painting it.

Place a fifty-cent coin evenly over the lens, light sensor and mike opening.

Keep spray nozzle about 10” from surface. Make multiple light passes from different angles and directions; not too close or the coin will be dislodged. I have good results with enamel paint.

I don’t normally paint the back as it is not seen in my camera installations but overspray does provide a little wrap-around effect. I also don’t paint the adjustable undercarriage because I like a compact install.

When dry remove the coin and the protective tape over the camera label on the bottom.

Note there is a narrow paint transition effect where the edge of the coin was.

Victor Maletic


well thought out. it looks good!


Nice! I’ve been looking for something that was the size of the big front black circle.

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I put painters tape across the front of mine, and then cut around the lens with a razor. it worked fairly well, you just need to take care with the blade.

That’s a great technique to changing the color of the camera. Does the enamel paint adhere firmly, or would you recommend using a primer as a first coat? Also, your paint covers the small black spot at the bottom front of the camera. Did that affect the camera’s performance?

That circle is just there for looks, no function.

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Does the enamel paint adhere firmly, or would you recommend using a primer as a first coat?

I have never used actual paint on my stuff, although I have used plastidip. I usually do a few light coats and then the last one is a little thicker to get full good coverage. I also make sure I have a few coats of plastidip so that’s it’s easyier to remove if and when I want to. Example of my plastidip is attached, the OP will have to comment on the use of primer.00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190513193142907_COVER


The enamel adheres quite well, but primer would make it adhere better and provide a longer lasting paint job. Since my cameras are protected by eaves and overhangs, I went the easier route, no primer. At one time or another tape has been applied to a painted camera without ill effects on
the paint job upon the tapes removal. Maybe its because I used and engine paint.

I asked WYZE about the function of the small black disk below the lens circle, and they said it was purely cosmetic - no need to mask it. No affect on performance.


Neat…but i have black WYZE v2 cams already. They sold them in Black for a while.
Must have been a limited run i guess.
The black ones blend in much better in certain cases.
For me, i have set in a black bookcase.
Completely disappears.

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I paint mine by hand to mach the local environment.


I wondered about that! I’d seen them.

That’s awesome! Love the camo. I used a skin but it didn’t turn out great. My bad though, no fault of the skin. I had three minutes before I needed to leave for something and decided since I have done so much wallpapering I’d be able to easily throw it on which is exactly how it looks. Tried to back out and redo but not as forgiving as wallpaper with that it’s basically a very sticky sticker. There’s some bubbles and not perfect but will suffice. I’ve painted just about everything in my house multiple times from walls to furniture to plastic kids’ toys so I will give this a go! Thanks for the idea.image

Excellent looking jobandmom in


I took a black sharpie to mine


Nicely done. Clever too.

Very good. Good job!!!

Really nice!!!

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