Wyze Cam Autopsy

Thought it best to make the Wyze Cam black instead of white so I would not get reflections of itself facing out of a window. Had to preform a autopsy to remove the circuits. Version 1 and version 2 cameras were taken apart. Paint was sprayed on from a can, not the perfect paint job, but the reflections were eliminated from having a white case. Here are some photos of the differences between version 1 and version 2. I noted version 2 has a matte white case vers a gloss white case as version 1 had. Wyze Cam take note: A black option or simple black removable faceplate, would be a nice add-on.

Final paint job

Above version 1

Version 2

Left to right: version 2, 1

Left to right ver 2, 1

Rear of cases, top to bottom, ver 2, 1. Note gloss on bottom case.

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Very nice solution to the reflection issue … and thanks for the photos! I’ll be using strips of black gaffer tape to cover my cameras, which will be a very tedious (and imperfect) process. A removable black faceplate is a great idea. I’d buy 6 of them today if they were available.

@hidefvideo Thanks for the great teardown photos. That confirms there are two models of the v1 sold by Wyze. I got two v1’s at that were ordered on Jan 18, 2018, and although I haven’t dissected them, I know they are different than the v1 cam you have, since mine had 4 LEDs, like your v2. Also, I wonder if mine also had the same audio chip as what is in the v2, because my cameras have the “helicopter”, or “sprinkler” noise profile. And LikeWise said in


that v1 can have Ocean wave sound, and v2 can have the “chirping or helicopter” sound, which both my v1 and v2 cameras have. I am wondering what the (Q12) three terminal SMD chip is. It could be a power regulator, or transistor (for FET). It may be involved with the sprinkler aka chirping aka helecopter sound. But someone would have to probe with an oscilloscope to know for sure.

Several observations: It looks like the v2 no longer have a light sensor (Q2) which may be one of the reasons that mode switching behavior is different. Also there is another missing chip (U49) but perhaps it was just moved to the other side of the board (U13) next to the (J21) power connector. My guess is those are flash memory chips.

The fourth picture down showing the SOC (System On Chip) or “processor”, the circuit board one on the left has an earlier date code than the one on the right.

Left 2017-09-06, Right 2018-03-02. If I am interpreting the dates correctly as ISO 8601, then the right board must be v2.

The little green boards are the wifi chip modules.

Earlier pictures I have seen of Xiaofang camera guts showed that at one time there was an unpopulated PIR (Passive InfaRed motion detector) which was probably eliminated and delegated to the processor in a Xiaomi cost cutting design change.

Another thing I notice is that every picture of the lenses shows a distortion pattern on the v2 camera. I suppose it could be something in what is being reflected, but there are several pictures from different angles, so that makes me think it is something to do with the lense.

Thanks again for the detailed pictures.

The paint job looks fine to me. It reminds me of the type of the textured finish that was on my dad’s toolbox. If it was too smooth it would more reflective.

Thanks again

Thank you for the detail explanation of the circuit boards. Good info.

hidefvide, Thank you very much for your posts. Would you mind highlighting the steps you took to remove the top? I was hoping just removing the two bottom screws would allow everything to slide out but it didn’t seam that easy. Or I was too chicken to pull harder. I like the idea of spray painting the cover and not having to worry about over spray.



In matte black vinyl. >>> https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/wyze-cam-vinyl-wrap/#post-129035

Hello Tony, great idea to cut it out of vinyl. I too own a Cricket (which I kinda stopped using when they sued Make-the-Cut) which I have done vinyl cuts for etching glass. I would prefer to paint it if possible. Just not sure what the next steps are after taking out the two screws on bottom.

Search for disassemble xiaofang on youtube and you will find several videos.

Here is one. Turn down the volume. There is no speech. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOghPawyIms

I don’t know why I didn’t think to look there… thank you very much!!!

I was doing a matte black wrap of the camera this a.m. and was wondering what the small sensor hole in the main bezel above the lense and the standalone smaller bezel were - and how much I needed to fuss with keeping them uncovered, etc.

From the teardown, it appears as though on the V2, there is no longer actually a sensor in the main bezel above the lense.

It also appears that on neither the V1 nor the V2 does the smaller round sensor opening have anything beneath it (?)

So, can anyone please confirm that on the V2, I don’t have to concern myself with covering these two sensor access points?


Good observation.

Can you think of an experiment to test your hypothesis?

There is one thing you may want to avoid covering. The small hole immediately below the lens (toward base). If you look at the board you will see that (MIC1) is there.

I`m designing a cover to slip over these cameras if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

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I made one quickly just using black paper. I added a flap to cover the top of the camera which extends from the top of the front. This flap seems like it would create a lot of waste, maybe it can be laid out to come from the side, or something to pack/overlap multiple wraps to conserve material.

On my installation I have the camera tilted down, and need to cover the top.

I can easily add a top :slight_smile:


The slip on black enclosure is a great idea! If you decide to produce them please keep me updated! This is a great idea!




Hello Darren, is this for printing on a 3d printer? If so, could you upload it to Thingiverse? I have uploaded several mounts… Thanks


Update: I should have looked in Thingiverse before posting my question… here is the link…


Thanks Darren for putting that out there!!!

John…link to your mounts ?

here you go… I have made several more but haven’t uploaded them yet.




Here is the topic I started awhile ago for mounting options. I renamed it to “Share your Mounting Options”


I hope that helps… I will upload some new ones in a few days…

John… I’ll add when I`ve got the dimensions right :slight_smile:


I checked a while ago on thingi and the only thing was a bird house cover ( for outside? ) Yours looks very similar to mine.