Paint Mask for Easy Black or any other color V3

Paint Mask for Easy Black or any other color V3

I want to paint my new V3 cameras black so that they are not so conspicuous in their locations. Painting the V3 will not be so easy as painting the V2 (which only required a 50-cent coin for a mask). Check out the post: Easy Black or any other color V2

The chief difficulty with the V3 is masking off the black face area which measures 39mm x 39mm with 5mm radii corners. The mask I made was 38mm x 38mm with 4.5mm radii corners. Sizing the mask 1mm undersize shows a little of the camera’s black face all around the mask so all of the white on the camera’s front surface can be black. I printed a 2D PDF print file of an array of the masks. Scissors were used to cut out the sides of a mask then a fingernail clipper was used to cut the rounded corners – three to four clips is all that was needed at each corner.

Photo paper 8.5” x 11” was used for the print out as it can stand up to the paint and not bleed through. The 50-cent coin keeps the mask from shifting while being spray painted. Other thick paper would also work. Run a trial print on some regular paper and check height and width with a millimeter scale, it should measure 38mm x 38mm if printed correctly. The PDF file is referenced below:
V3 Paint Masks Arry-Model.pdf (4.3 KB)

Below are some photos of what is described above:

In the picture below a toilet paper core was used as a stand.

Notice the thin black face area all around the mask.

This camera was not pained black because it is not mine. I was only using it to test the fit of the mask.
I will post a black camera when mine arrives.

Victor Maletic.



I haven’t tried it yet but when the wyze cam V3 is taken out the box there’s a plastic cover over the gloss black portion of the cam. There’s a little tab that sticks out of it but if you peel that edge up you can cut it flush with a pair of scissors then press the cover back on. Its an opaque plastic so you can tell where its not pressed on tight. For those with new cams still in the box I would also try that.

You are the Professor Proton of Wyze cams!

Nice work @victormaletic! Thank you once again!

Amazing @victormaletic. Your precision is always awesome.

Hello, extremehumvee84 in answer to your post #3
I didn’t attend the un-boxing ceremony for the camera in my post and was unaware of the clear protective cover over its black face. Hopefully it doesn’t fit too snuggly up against the white surround of the camera’s case. If it did, that could block paint from fully covering the White, resulting in a white ring-around the eye.
One possible problem is since the clear protector is a plastic of some kind, could the paint dissolve the protector resulting in a mess? Or could the electrostatic klinging of the protector result in capillary drawing of paint under the mask? There is a way around these issues, if they exist?
After placing the mask made from the protector, place a piece of masking tape, or equal, covering much of the mask. Shortly after painting, pull up on the tape to remove the mask. If the pull tape was shaped with a pull-loop, a toothpick could be inserted into the pull-loop to remove the mask, immediately after painting, without getting paint on your fingers.
I may have to do this with my paper mask.
Thanks for the information extermehumvee84, I will be looking at the clear protectors when my cameras are delivered.
Victor Maletic.