V3 vs. Rain

My Wyze V3 cams arrive tomorrow, yay! I have searched the forums and haven’t seen this specifically addressed. I know the v3 cams are IP65 weather resistant, but will raindrops on the lens cause distortion? If a camera is directly exposed to weather, not under an eave, does it need some type of “rain hood”? I saw a post which provided a nice 3D printer file for making one, but I don’t have access to a 3D printer. I can fabricate something generic with a butter knife, duct tape and bubble gum, but I’m looking for a more elegant solution, if one is needed.

Please advise.


Can’t answer the rain drop question, as mine are all under eaves at the moment, but don’t let direct access to a 3D printer stop you. There are lots of sites out there (and I’m sure some users on here) that can print stuff for you for a small fee.

Buy a house for it like this or something like it.


"Need* is a relative term. The drops will eventually fall down, blow away, or evaporate. A hood only provides limited protection. Angling the camera down would help, as would applying Rain-X or similar treatments.

Just me speculating, feel free to ignore. :wink:

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I don’t think you’ll need anything.
@Customer Rain-X suggestion may be a good idea.


I’m not sure this would work on the v3 since it is a more rounded versus the square design of the v2. Think I’ll wait and see if drops on the lens are an issue. Thank you for the suggestion.

Rain-X, interesting idea. Thank you!

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You ard correct, that case won’t fit the V3.

If you build the duct tape and bubblegum shield post pics. :grin:

Reflections from the butter knife are going to wreak havoc with the starlight sensor.

Hello… the butter knife is for smoothing the bubblegum.

Sorry, thought the bubble gum and tape were holding down the knife over the lens.

You guys are cracking me up, lol

That would be silly.

Rain-X requires air movement to get the drops off.
I am a big Rain-X fan and use it in the washer reservoir as well as a 6 month full deal application to the windshield. . But don’t use it on the rear window. There is not enough air movement to dissipate the water (actual field research performed on a 2009 Avalon). Works great on the windshield. Put it on a stationary object with no airflow and the drops of water will just sit there.
I would presume the same with a lens because all Rain-X does is cause water to bead and blow off easier.


Dang Tom, that makes sense. I thought that would work. I do intend to have the cameras that will be outside pointed at a downward angle. Hopefully that will be all that is needed.

Hello, Fellow Posters and @Scott2013.
The link below may be of help to you:
Case for Cam v3
Posts No. 5, 6, and 8 provides potential simple to more complex solutions.
Good luck.

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Hi Victor,

Your original posts were what actually started me down this path. I love the idea of your hooded cases, but do not have access to a 3D printer. I may try to fabricate something based on your aluminum foil hood, if it is needed.


Scott, I didn’t mention in my post that I used three layers of foil. If I were to make another bonnet I will use four layers.

the v3 camera is not the same design, i have those for my v2 cameras though

i have had my v3 camera for a bit and mounted outside in the elements, i have seen 0 issues, the rain hasn’t caused any issues with the camera or the image. i half wonder if there is some water repellant coating on the lens anyway…