Wyze v3 water from behind camera concerns

I just purchased a wyze flood light with a v3 camera attached (the one that comes with it normally)

Although a few people complain, and there are only a few, people say that over time water can sneak in from the back speaker, into the sd card/ or possibly causing condensation in lense.

Now im aware ip65 means water jet and dust, and if a little condensation makes it in, thats not wyze fault, but very rare.

I just want to get some feedback on customers with any v3 camera or flood light. Have you experienced any water issues? I installed it yesterday by a professional electrician. He put a new wire and box.

I have purchase a silicon case and will remove the camera from the flood light later, little tricky but not too bad. The wire slides off the back and slides through the flood light bracked at an angle. I was wondering how they got it through the hole, then realized it slides at an Angle.

I will also just as a precaution use that caulk rope called mortite, around the usb plug for extra extra protection. I love that stuff cause it never hardens and is removable. Its like clay.

Anyways i know wyze will respond with its not an issue, cause ip65… but they dont see the real world reports. Why are these 2-3 people complaining if it is truly water proof/resistant

I (currently) have it slightly out of the way but also in weather depending on the direction its coming down at. No issues for 3-4 months now and there’s been a lot of weather out there in that time. Its perfectly fine.

Factory defects are always possible.

Also, the protection can and probably will wear out over time. I had a digital temperature gauge before and it wore out over some years until it could no longer hold out against the weather.

As with everything, the more protected it is the less chance of weather messing with it.

So i decided out of pure speculation and paranoia to use corregated pipe tape (looks similar to electric tape but with a more weather proof adhesive on back) and taped the back speaker. I also used a little renolds non stick alluminum foil folded a few times and made a little cap, Kinda like a wyze moon edition lol.

Removing the power cable from the wyze v3 on the flood light was easy, but only remove the plug on the light. Dont pull the cameras plug. Its sealed and doesnt come out. The plug also has a line when you pull it out so you can make sure its fully seated. The first time i didnt push it in all the way. Also there is a trick, you have to manuever the plug at an angle to get it though the flood lights bracket. It only slides out at a certain angle. It is so perfect that if you try it at any other angle it wont slide out. The reason for doing this is the case has to slide on the camera and you need to feed the cable through the hole in the back first. Otherwise you have to cut the silicone case.

Thats the silicon cover for it, the one that covers the back also but has like grooves. The water is supposed to run over and around the speaker holes and not allow penetration. It was 7.99 on Amazon. The cover will make it look like an untouched new camera. Obviously i dont want people laughing at my alluminum foil cap or on the back that small tape. Cover will protect the entire unit.

I used a similar cover on my arlo and they really are awsome.

I also made sure my camera was slightly elevated to allow space between the base and the bottom sd card cover. Before i just pushed it down, making it look flush, but the realized that the base is flat with no holes and water could pool there. Paranoid yes, lol

See, i dont want it sitting in water or have ice freeze the cover to the base allowing possible water intrusion.

Yeah, i guess i could just use the cover… But here is my logic.

The wyze connects to the floodlight. The flood light speaker is whats used. And its loud. So why chance water penetration on the camera. Even if its ip 65, why not make it ip67 hack.

The floodlight speaker works great after heavy rains. But over time, i would prefer to cover the camera speaker and protect it from freezing and thawing which may over many years effect the camera pointed downwards.

I mean its only a 40 dollar camera. But i got enough to worry about, i dont need another thing to fix, call, reinstall etc etc.

The other thing i noticed is that the wyze outdoor camera didnt have that speaker on back. Why did the engineers choose to not include it… And why the sudden change on v3.

I know add more, make better… But more isnt always better, just another thing that can go wrong.

Like wi fi on my fridge lol. Really?