Waterproofing Floodlight and V3 camera

I purchased a floodlight in December 2021 so less than 90 days old. I noticed a few days ago the lights were not working and the floodlight itself did not show up in the APP as an accessory on the camera. When I was performing the tests suggested by Wyze techs, I noticed that a) the floodlight was now humming and b) the PIR on the floodlight was full of water. No idea where the water got in but its full.

So, when I replace it, is there a way to waterproof something that is supposed to be waterproof? Note: I do have a 2nd camera plugged into this unit (and it is still working too).


IP65 Weather Resistant

While I have not experienced this scenario I had a similar conversation in the past, this was my finding.

Today I noticed I have the exact same issue, floodlight not working and PIR sensor full of water. I’m waiting to chat with support right now.

Did you have any luck with a replacement?

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I actually did not experience this, only offered input as to where water could have possibly gotten in the device based on my observation of the device prior to being mounted.

I have contacted Wyze regarding different issues on other devices and if within warranty and standard usage Wyze has been very good about replacing.

Yes, I am chatting with an agent right now, they are replacing the floodlight. I just wanted to know if there was anything done by the OP to prevent with replacement.

Hello! Same thing happened to me, water in the globe (and the light won’t shut off.) Purchased new through Wyze July 2023. What I found interesting is that though still under warranty, the rep asked if they could send a gift card instead of a replacement. I’m thinking there is an inherent design flaw (I hope not as I still said I prefer to have a replacement). Will see what happens whenever I receive it. I knew I was taking a gamble on buying these compared to more expensive companies…fingers crossed.

How do you even open this to clean it? How to empty the water from it?