WOC floodlight with motion sensor

Replacing a Ring Spotlight Mount with a Wasserstein floodlight

The WOC mounts to the floodlight almost like Wyze made the floodlight. Since the WOC has a weather resistant power connection, I was impressed with how Wasserstein managed to keep the same IP65 rating

This comes with a remote so no climbing back on a ladder to adjust the sensitivity and range.

Will install it this weekend and update this post.

How protected from the elements will this be? Mounting it upside down is not advised, as that would lower the outdoor rating. Also, just know that its not advised to keep the WCO plugged in 24/7 due to battery health. How good of a fit is the plug? Looks like there are some small openings around the plug.

Guess it could be mounted with the camera on top…

I didn’t notice the holes by the connector. Closer look tomorrow.

As for powering it 24/7, battery life is moot because the camera is powered 24/7

Did you know that there is a metal plate on the top of the camera to be used as a mounting point?

Here is some important info about powering it 24/7:

I completely understand it will void the warranty, but, as a professional auto mechanic, I have been trained to ask “why” a lot over the years.
Settling for “just because” isn’t good enough. :sunglasses:

Apparently Wasserstein is not aware of this limitation. Really wanted a floodlight for a V3 but the camera is too new.

The two notches are there to clear the silicone cover on the camera. I will fill these with a dab of clear silicone.

Wasserstein also makes this for the v3. When it arrives pictures will follow.

Here is the finished installation. Mounted the camera right side up because when I tried to rotate the image 180, the app advised against it. They know more than I.

Wasserstein also makes this floodlight for the v3. Should have that in a week or so.

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Got the Wasserstein v3 floodlight mounted on the back of the house. There is no cable included to connect the v3 to the floodlight. Had to supply that. Have a ticket to support why it wasn’t included. The floodlight housing has a regular USB and the v3 has a microUSB.

The v3 base clips into a holder with a standard female 1/4 20 thread. The floodlight housing has a vertically adjustable mount with a male 1/4 thread

Both the WOC and v3 floodlights are identical except for the different mounting bracket. I can take the v3 and swap it with the WOC just by swapping the mount.

The quality of the floodlight is very good. Sometimes the lights come on during the day.


That looks good. I am looking at getting it. Would you recommend it? also, what USB Cable did you get to hook it up?

Sometimes the light will come on by itself, day or night. It is well made.

Opt for the v3 model. I have one for the WOC and one for the v3. The floodlights are exactly the same. The only difference is the supplied adapter. The WOC is not meant to be powered 24/7 and will void the warranty because the charging port is not completely sealed with the Wasserstein adapter.

I had this braided one from Amazon in a drawer.

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Appreciate that. I will put it on my list and order.

Edit. The light was on at 9am. Sunny day no motion.

Doesn’t it have a setting to only come on during sunset and sunrise?


There are four settings on the remote. Two are for light intensity and duration. The other two are for sensitivity (wish some people had this setting) and the other for auto / D2D / Test. Support emailed what the remote settings should be. I will move it from Auto to D2D and see what happens.

Thanks for the reply and suggestion.

Will be interested to see what support says and your experience.

Here is what Wasserstein support said the settings should be :

I flipped the remote to D2D and will let you know. I really like the quality of the light and hope to keep it.

I am planning on buying one this weekend, hopefully this works for you.

Finally got someone at Wasserstein who knew what the issue is. Seems the setting “light sensitivity” High Medium Low and Off mean if it is set to High, that means the light will not come on unless there is motion and it is really dark. I had it set to Low ass u m ing the exact opposite. The Low setting results in the light coming on in low light conditions, not dark. Setting it to Off explained why the light turned on even in broad daylight. I have it set tom High and wil l check the cameras tomorrow and see if the lights came on less. I am thinking they will.

Edit. Light came on yesterday when it was still daylight. Still exchanging emails with support. They did not know the v3 camera does not directly connect with their floodlight. They wanted pictures of the camera connector and their floodlight connector (like they couldn’t get one out of stock and see it)

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Still trying to get an answer from Wasserstein support. Now they can’t go any further without an Amazon order number. I didn’t order it through Amazon. I got it from the Wasserstein web site and used Amazon Pay. There is no record at Amazon that shows this transaction. This is stupid. The light and it comes on during the day and at night when a bug flies by. Right now I have electrical tape over the sensor so my neighbor isn’t annoyed.

Hold off purchasing any Wasserstein floodlight until this is resolved. Annoys me they need an order number before they can help.

Sorry to hear a premium priced product doesn’t have support.