WOC floodlight with motion sensor

Thanks for the update. In a holding pattern until you get this resolved.


What irritates me is they know I bought it from their website but they won’t help any more until I find the info they want.

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How about you do a credit card chargeback? They should get their attention enough to look up your name in their order system…

So it continues. If it is set to D2D, the manual states “the floodlight turns on continuously from evening till morning” so that explains why the light comes on during the day. :grimacing::roll_eyes:

The manual also states the light sensitivity should be set to Low if the light is to come on when it is super dark. I had it set to High.

Coupled with not reading the manual, and assuming wrong, tonight will tell if these settings help.

Still waiting for their reply about the microUSB to USB adapter. The manual states “Open the USB port cap of the floodlight and connect the charging cable. Press in firmly. Connect the USB cable that comes with your Wyze camera to its microUSB cable and press in firmly.

You young whippersnappers are much sharper than this old man. I get it eventually…

@TomG - thank you for sharing your experience. I am looking to purchase this but will hold off until your issue is resolved. (or maybe Wyze can create their own flood light? :grin:)

Thank you again!


I have exchanged numerous emails with “Veronica”
At first she told me to set the sensitivity to high. Then when that did not correct the issue, she said to set the sensitivity to low. Yesterday the light was on in broad daylight, sometimes flashing every few seconds. I sent a video showing the light and also a picture of the remote. She replied back asking about the ambient light when the picture clearly shows it is daytime. In addition to the light coming on during the day it also comes on quite a lot at night. I have two of these and they are both doing the same thing. The lights are well made but the motion detection has issues. The v3 camera mounting is sturdy so I hope to get this working. Looking at the Amazon reviews, I am not alone.

Just got an email from “Veronica” asking for my Amazon order number. We determined many emails ago this was not ordered through Amazon but from their website. Arggghhhh

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Were you given a ticket number during any of these exchanges?

No ticket number. Wasserstein is going to replace both lights (need to jump through a few more hoops first) and if these do the same thing, they are going to be returned

I just installed two Wasserstein floodlights with Wyze v3 cameras. They both turn on all the time (at night) apparently with bugs flying triggering the motion detector. It’s completely useless, I am contacting Wassertstein support, but I looked up the reviews of their light at Amazon, and everybody seems to have this problem. It is way too sensitive for motion and there appears to be no adjustment for it. I have mine set to “low light sensitivity”, I can try high, but I am not really expecting a better outcome.

The sad part is that this appears to be the only floodlight with a USB outlet (or any electrical outlet for that matter) so it is the only practical way to power a Wyze camera… I am now torn between leaving them always on at night, and covering up the motion sensor so that they are always off, and I use these lights as only a USB outlet…

Wasserstein has been ignoring my daily emails asking for an update. Finally today “Veronica” replied and said they do not have any more floodlights for the v3 with a remote. They are sending two v3 floodlights without remote. Let’s see how these do.

I think they have plenty of the remote floodlights in their warehouse, but judging by the reviews here and on Amazon, they don’t want to sell them because they are junk. Well, just the motion detection part. The floodlight is made well. Wasserstein is the only company I am aware of that makes a floodlight that has a USB port and has a mounting for the Wyze V3.

Maybe the v3 floodlights without the remote are “new and improved”? Let us know if these work better with motion detection (especially if motion sensitivity is adjustable). I returned mine to Wasserstein for a refund rather than trying to exchange them. Reviews for the non-remote floodlights seem to complain less about motion detection, but I really want to see an independent confirmation before I buy one.

I will review the replacement non-remote floodlights once they have been up for a bit. Hoping the weak link was the remote. I even put the remote right next to the floodlight thinking it was a range issue. Nothing I did made a difference. No remote setting helped. Both lights would come on whenever they wanted to. One was at one end of the house and the other was on the opposite end.

Just received 2 Wasserstein floodlights for the v3 without remote. This light includes an adapter cable for the v3 whereas the remote version did not. While waiting for the lights to arrive, I bought two USB to male miniUSB adapters. My skills at making the adapter smaller to fit the port in the floodlight leave a lot to be desired, but it looks much better than having an extra few inches of cable hanging there.

Here is the light. It looks no different externally than the remote version.

What puzzles me is there is no setting for motion detection or light sensitivity.

The manual states “…the motion sensor will only get triggered and turn the lights on when it is dark outside (i.e., during night time”

The light has been up for about 30 minutes and hasn’t turned on yet. That is a good thing, because the previous remote model had the light coming on whenever it wanted to even in the day.

Time will tell. I have not installed the second light. Waiting to see how this one behaves.

Last night the light came on twice. Rocky Raccoon visited. With the remote style light it would have been on more than it was off. So far, the light is working as designed.

Having owned two Wasserstein floodlights non-remote version for a few days, I can give them high marks. Although the intensity and sensitivity are not adjustable, because of the PIR sensor, rarely do I get a light from passing traffic.

Still waiting for a refund from Wasserstein because the remote version was $10.00 more than the non-remote version.

The Wasserstein floodlights without remote have been great. No false positives. Still waiting on a reply about a refund. Been a week and no reply, even after a bump.

I do recommend this floodlight but the support has been a joke.

Does the new one without the remote have a Dawn to Dusk on setting?


No, dusk to dawn, intensity and duration are not adjustable, however, I am happy with whatever the engineers hard coded into the floodlight. The lights never come on during the day.

Just checked Amazon. They are still selling the Wasserstein floodlight with remote. Looking at the reviews for the Eufy, Nest, and other camera brands that can mount to this floodlight, most are complaining about the lights coming on when they shouldn’t. One person got better results by setting the remote how it is supposed to be, then remove the batteries from the remote.

Again, I am very happy with the Wasserstein floodlight without remote. Support, not so much. Still waiting for a reply about a refund because the non-remote lights are less expensive than the remote lights ($10 US)

They probably don’t have a procedure for a partial refund.

Found some USB to microUSB adapters on Amazon. These make it look much better than having a black adapter sticking out.

CHENYANG Ultra Mini DM Micro USB 5pin OTG Adapter Connector for Cell Phone Tablet & USB Cable & Flash Disk - 5pcs Amazon.com

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